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  1. CPUSA

    The Left Is Using Its California Playbook in Virginia

    McCauliffe's got it in the bag. He's a Dem & Dems cheat to win... And NOBODY stops them. He's got it , no problem
  2. CPUSA

    Trump: ‘Hunter Has Inspired Me to Begin Painting’

    I sill prefer his poetry....
  3. CPUSA

    In other news: there's always more to the story

    Because Va's current AG, Mark Herring would have them ALL dropped... and since the Dems are going to CHEAT AND WIN and NOTHING will be done to stop it in 2022, then I suspect the next Va. AG will probably have all the tools he/she will need in place to carry out Merrick Garland's orders instead...
  4. CPUSA

    Wouldn't this be great?

    Yeah, knew you couldn't. Pathetic POS... And don't forget to put out your required statement this Halloween...
  5. CPUSA

    Wouldn't this be great?

    List them, you pathetic liar....otherwise, shut your cockgobbler
  6. CPUSA

    Transportation Secretary AWOL during supply chain crisis

    The one you're most familiar with...Child Protective Services... And I see you still have a close affinity for Child Porn, you sick bastage...
  7. CPUSA

    Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol | Visual Investigations

    What's up? More of Slappy's lies & BS?
  8. CPUSA

    Transportation Secretary AWOL during supply chain crisis

    STFU, you pathetic POS!!...
  9. CPUSA

    Salad dressing

    Here's a good one Vrai: Water Soybean Oil High Fructose Corn Syrup Vinegar Whipped Cornstarch Eggs Salt Natural Flavor(?) Mustard Flour Potassium Sorbate (As a preservative) Paprika Dried Garlic I like this one spread on bread with Turkey & Cheese more than on greens...
  10. CPUSA

    Everyone who disagrees with the Left is a domestic terrorist

    You sound like that Fentanyl addicted criminal. George Floyd-Darby...
  11. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    If you'd stop coming around, we could...
  12. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    "I never said he committed treason, I said his actions were nothing short of treasonous!!!!!"
  13. CPUSA

    President Trump

    Okay...sometimes we see this as well, when you post your BS
  14. CPUSA

    Mitch caves

    This is all anyone sees when you post...well, except for your lil brokeback buddy, OccamsReallyHemi
  15. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    FIFY!! :buttkick:
  16. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    That's not the Several Prominent Banks he worked for...It was the OTHER several prominent banks...that don't require drug testing... Next it will be, "I NEVER said they didn't HAVE drug testing. I said I never HAD to"...
  17. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    And that's bullshit too. Be were a teller until they realized you couldn't count past 11 without taking off your shoes...
  18. CPUSA

    Imagine that...

    Bank Teller at PNC & Suntrust... And liar... when you told everyone you were an investment banker... Can't remember any of the others right now...
  19. CPUSA

    That Authoritarian Lemon - Decides What Is The Truth

    Then who would be winning a lawsuit? Want a hint?