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    Is this system still mean "No Messages Coming In"?
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    Federal Employee Health Plans

    As a retiree on BC/BS Basic, both my wife {non Fed retiree) and I both applied and each got $800 refund for reimburshment of Medicare premiums. Some other FEHBC plans offer similar reduction for those under Medicare. (I know $800 doesn't cover many monthly premiums, but it is better than...
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    I thought it was supposed to be "smow"!
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    Thanks a lot New York

    They are in Detroit!
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    New Frigate Contract

    Believe it was 90's. Think Northrop Grumman was the bidder. The first ones off the line according to reports were deemed not seaworthy. I was headed to NAS Jax for a conference and was seated on the plane next to a Cogard Captain, she didn't want to talk about them.
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    New Frigate Contract

    Hope they have a better builder than the Cogard did with their cutters that were unseaworthy!
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    Happy National Surprise Drug Test Day!

    You go and make a head call. Get back, sit down at your desk, the phone rings, "You have 30 minutes to provide a sample." Always happened, was someone in the hallway watching?
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    NASCAR Charlotte, Coke 600

    Thanks for the info on Jayski, really missed that site.
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    Navy to add 30 destroyers in massive warship expansion

    But now the Navy is asking Congress for permission to get rid of the USS Truman and perhaps other carriers. No more brown shoe navy?
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    America Loves A Winner. Or Does It? Depends.... (Perhaps, TL; DR, But Fun To Have Written)

    With all the crybabies on here from both sides of the aisle, I thought from the title, this thread was going to be about adult diapers!
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    WIN10 Push

    Being out of the loop for many years, does NMCI still stand for No Messages Coming In?
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    Navy Traditions

    Remember "Tailhook"!
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    Solar Systems likely to become more expensive

    Solar Systems more expensive! Here I thought that the price of a Milky Way was going up!
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    How dare you talk about Vrai like that!
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    Big Business Mergers

    Of all the posts I've seen here today, this has to be the best! There is one question though, are you sure this isn't fake news?
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    Pickle Juice Soda

    Pickle juice is supposed to be good for muscle cramps. Wonder if this would work?
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    On another note:

    The SUV of bikes!
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    Trump must break judicial power

    I always thought there were three branches of the government: executive - legislative - judicial created as a means of checks and balances.
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    WH releases list of under-reported terror attacks

    I didn't check the list. Was the Blowing Green Massacre on it?