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  1. willie

    Va. Beach..Rt17 or 95?

    Several years ago I took RT17 to Va. Beach and made great time until the last 50-60 miles. I don't remember what the holdup was but it was terrible and made me think the longer RT95 may have been better. Anyone with some recent experience with RT17?
  2. willie

    Consumer Cellular

    Consumer Reports says Consumer Cellular is super good but AT&T is not good. CC uses AT&T hardware so that sounds odd. How is AT&T's signal here in our area?
  3. willie

    RT4 S/B at Wayson's?

    Is RT4 southbound open from the beltway to Solomon's? The State website says it is closed at 408 but if there is a minor detour, that would still be better than getting to RT2.
  4. willie

    Williamsburg, VA.

    What is worse at 4PM, 295/I64 around Richmond or RT 17S? :shrug:
  5. willie


    Us Lusbians have been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what happened to us.
  6. willie

    Lusby DSL

    Anyone else losing service with Verizon DSL in the CRE/Drum Point area? They tell me they will look at it within 2 weeks.
  7. willie

    Her Majesty, Barbara Boxer Jim Hill's Letter to Barbara Boxer
  8. willie

    Doctors on Sight Optometrist Inc

    Any experience with these Optometrist?
  9. willie


    What happened to Jethro's? It's gone.
  10. willie

    C&M Asphalt

    Anyone have any experience with this company? Paving or sealcoating?
  11. willie

    Bucle up

    Buckle up or stay off the TJ Bridge.
  12. willie

    Hannity to be tortured?

    Olberman wants Hannity to admit it is a life threatening experience......isn't that the point? Olbermann pressing on Hannity's waterboard offer
  13. willie

    Mt. Lusby

    Looks like Mt. Lusby is being put to a good use.....sleigh rides!
  14. willie

    Drum Point/Solomons trash

    The inconvenience of the compactor site, the amount of trash generated, working hours and the type of vehicles, trash collection is our best answer. Calvert Trash just jumped to $114.75 per quarter. Anyone know of a reliable, cheaper company for this area?
  15. willie

    Obama's Arthur Murray

    This Press Secretary is the worst ever! Gawd, can this guy dance around a bi partisan question.
  16. willie

    DSL Speed?

    I'm going to take Verizon DSL for a test ride. I'll be getting the 3 meg package. What speeds are you guys actually getting? Does it vary much during the day? TIA
  17. willie

    Verizon DSL

    Has anyone gone from Comcast cable to Verizon 3mb DSL? Is the difference in speed, if any, noticeable?
  18. willie

    Criminal Intent

    Liza Minnelli is on Criminal intent tonight. What is wrong with her? Did she have a stroke?
  19. willie

    National massacre

    Kelly Pickler just massacred the National Anthem.
  20. willie

    Chesapeake Hills

    Course closed. Cart barn and all the carts went up in flames. Total loss.