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  1. crabcake

    Should he run again in 2024?

    My hope is that it’s not a situation of “will Trump run in 2024”; rather, that he is determined the rightful winner of this election once these challenges & recounts play out. I’m anxious to hear more about the Hammer/Scorecard fraud. I think this election ends up in the SCOTUS, in which case...
  2. crabcake

    Should he run again in 2024?

    Silly Vrai ... these are cut-throats - they can’t be bothered with questions. They’ll walk him out & just agree to continue protecting his family. And most of America will forget about the Biden Crime Family because they’ll be too busy installing windmills & solar panels on their homes after...
  3. crabcake

    No voter fraud to see here

    After 3 years of Russia, Russia, Russia without a single shred of credible evidence for that crapshow, I think Dems should ‘stand back, stand by’. :rolleyes: The election was only 6 days ago.
  4. crabcake

    Should he run again in 2024?

    I beg to differ. These extreme whackos are already rounding up Trump supporters on lists - including Federal judges - before the election is even legit-official (not MSM-official). Gee, where have we heard about these ‘political lists’ before? 🤔 I told folks back in March during the primaries...
  5. crabcake

    Bill Gates whines Team Trump won't listen to him

    Gates couldn’t prevent viruses in Microsoft applications; why would I trust his vaccine with my life?
  6. crabcake

    Kamala Harris

  7. crabcake

    Politics of The Mask

    Kroger ‘Karen‘ 🤔
  8. crabcake

    Kamala Harris

    ‘Heels-Up Harris‘ has some history.
  9. crabcake

    Kamala Harris

    I’ve bet my very liberal father months back (pre-Covid) that Biden wouldn’t be the nom come Nov. 3rd. I still believe that, but Dems better get on with it before early voting starts in some states.
  10. crabcake

    "Obama would have handled COVID better"

    You know I like to stop by from time to time. ;) We are good and hope same for you/yours. I made sure to stock, lock & load before shizz went nuts. Are y’all still on the road these days? Was thinking about you the other day but work has been too nutty to get on to say hi/check in.
  11. crabcake

    "Obama would have handled COVID better"

    I told hubs - when this first started making the news and about a week before Trump put the travel ban in place this was going to be bad ... not because of the virus itself; rather, the effects of irrational panic on our economy, which would undoubtedly be fueled by trash media who’ve been...
  12. crabcake

    Is there any 'there' there?

    Farkas left the gov't in 2015. How would she know any of the Trump staff surveillance was going on IF someone in the Obama administration didn't leak it to her, as well as the fact it was Trump's team vs. Trump (her self-corrected words). She'd have no 'need to know' as a former govie, so how...
  13. crabcake

    NHboy posting fake news from Huffington Post and closes the thread because he is afraid to answer.

    That' too much :bs: If you're going to be repetitive, at least use spell check when you copy & paste your lunacy. :buttkick:
  14. crabcake

    Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump

    Is Public Policy the same "legitimate polling" that was responsible for this little gem? :coffee:
  15. crabcake

    Kellyann "counseled"...maybe they can talk to Vrai next?

    Or maybe we can rent-a-lib to comment on these ethical violations by the prior administration, setting a precedent that ethics don't matter anymore. :shrug: 76 Times Obama's White House Illegally & Unethically Abused Its Power...
  16. crabcake

    Tommie Copper ... Anyone?

    Thank you both for the input. I am hoping to avoid back surgery; start PT (again for like the 10th time) on Tuesday. I have two bulged discs in the lumbar and two in the cervical, and they're putting pressure on the nerves going down my arms & legs. I talked to a couple other folks today who...
  17. crabcake

    Tommie Copper ... Anyone?

    Thinking about trying a couple items, but curious about real world/life experiences. Anyone use anything from the line to offer a :yay: or :boo: ? Thanks in advance! And yes, getting old SUX! :mad:
  18. crabcake

    Jimmie Johnson

    I am so thrilled to see this happen for JJ! :clap: :clap: I have been a #48 fan since his first year in Cup, and it's awesome to have been able to see him work so hard and earn this win and spot in history.
  19. crabcake

    Championship Race -Homestead

    Nahh, JJ is pretty humble.
  20. crabcake

    Championship Race -Homestead

    Carl Edwards = class act. :yay: And while that's not how I want to see it happen, JJ's chances have now improved for making 7. :clap: