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  1. PeoplesElbow

    BLM Sticker

    Saw a truck today with a paramedic liscense plate and a BLM sticker on the window. Small under the BLM it read "Biden Likes Minors"
  2. PeoplesElbow

    Container ship crews unpaid and abondoned

    Wow this is pretty shitty. This is one case that I could justify using our Navy to give these guys a ride to land if they are stuck out in the water.
  3. PeoplesElbow

    Highly vaccinated New England now experiencing surge

    Will be interesting to see if it gets as bad as the surge in WV where the population is only 25% vaccinated. New England is hovering around 70%.
  4. PeoplesElbow


    Wants me to register to vote in Pennsylvania, its telling me to be sure I'm ready to vote in the Pennsylvania general election, wtf.
  5. PeoplesElbow

    NiCad Battery Disposal

    Anyone know if the convenience center will take NiCad batteries? I couldn't find anything on the website about them.
  6. PeoplesElbow

    Hello There

    Had this guy walk up to me yesterday on my deck so I moved him to the rail. Never seen one with this coloring before.
  7. PeoplesElbow

    Hey Indiana
  8. PeoplesElbow

    Biden met with dead Marines father

    Wants to talk about his own son instead. They need to let someone else do the speaking for him.
  9. PeoplesElbow

    Paging Phil McCrackin, Phil McCrackin
  10. PeoplesElbow

    Alergic Reaction

    Well apparently I'm allergic to catfish. I've been sick three times after eating it. First time about 10 years ago I had to pull off rte 235 and barf along the road after eating g it 3 hrs earlier at St James pub. Last year about 2 hrs after eating it at Texas Roadhouse I had it coming out of...
  11. PeoplesElbow

    Home invasion, cousin says he was just visiting Check out the comments, they are great.
  12. PeoplesElbow

    God Medstar sucks

    First they send my mom to a place that is not an urgent care place so got turned away, they sent us to right time which has a 7 hrs wait. One of the people in the hot waiting room sounded like they had Covid if anyone ever sounded like it. Finally some how it's safer to ask us to take our masks...
  13. PeoplesElbow

    Democrats want to reduce taxes for the wealthy...
  14. PeoplesElbow

    Oh no a historical shed fire What makes a shed historical?
  15. PeoplesElbow

    Foot Care

    I need a Dr for elderly diabetic foot Care. A few months ago I got a post card in the mail that had one with the initial visit free of charge, anyone know who that was, I threw it away like a dumbass.
  16. PeoplesElbow

    Why do women expect a man...

    To keep track of their purse for them? I'm always getting asked where is my purse? Why I don't carry one I don't want to keep track of one.
  17. PeoplesElbow

    Yea 'Murica
  18. PeoplesElbow

    Beaver attack in Bushwood
  19. PeoplesElbow

    Target stepped in it too I was just thinking IKEA left out the kool aid.