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  1. luvmygdaughters

    My new favorite thing

    I love their OJ and Pink Grapefruit juice. I like vodka and tonic with a splash of the pink grapefruit and a twist of lime.
  2. luvmygdaughters

    Lime Soda

    I've seen it in the McKays in Leonardtown, its not with the other soda's, but, on an end cap at one of the aisles.
  3. luvmygdaughters

    Sorry, forgot to send you the link to my Granddaughters company. She gets rave reviews and she...

    Sorry, forgot to send you the link to my Granddaughters company. She gets rave reviews and she is local, insured and bonded. Got It Maid Cleaning Services, LLC | Facebook
  4. luvmygdaughters

    Maid Service in SOMD

    My granddaughter has a cleaning service, very trustworthy and great reviews. (2) Got It Maid Cleaning Services, LLC | Facebook
  5. luvmygdaughters

    This should be a new TikTok challenge

    Do you think Greta would try it????
  6. luvmygdaughters

    Red Covid

    Daughter works with a woman who has been fully vaccinated and wears a mask in public....she called my daughter last week to advise she has covid. Has to quarantine for 10 days. Tell me again why the government is pushing this vaccine mandate?????
  7. luvmygdaughters

    I need you all to mark your calendars for September and learn. Greta resurfaced!

    Someone please give that annoying teenager a Tide Pod!!
  8. luvmygdaughters

    These are the cutest shoes!

    To each his/her own. Imho, looks like someone threw up all over them. :lmao:
  9. luvmygdaughters

    Apollo may have liver cancer....or maybe not

    Sure hope Apollo is feeling better. My granddog, Mr. King, had bouts of pancreatitis which caused the same symptoms. My daughter would take him to the vet each time, at $500.00 a pop. She started making him chicken and rice when he had these bouts and really seemed to help him.
  10. luvmygdaughters

    Happy Day, ginwoman

    Happy Belated Birthday Ginwoman!!! Hope your day was fabulous!!
  11. luvmygdaughters

    Robert E Lee statue coming down today

    Freaking Idiots!!!! How long has that statue been there? I'm sure this will stop all the crime in Richmond and everyone will live happily ever after!:rolleyes:
  12. luvmygdaughters

    Customer support people with really heavy accents

    Hi, my name is Peggy! Loved that commercial!!
  13. luvmygdaughters

    Rt 5 Leonardtown

    Always an accident on that stretch of Rt. 5. The speed limit is 40 MPH, which no one does. They fly through there doing 60 easy. S/B you can be surprised coming over that little hill in front of the hospital by a car trying to make a left turn into the entrance. People need to slow down and...
  14. luvmygdaughters

    South Carolina

    That's where we were. 2nd time vacationing there. Great place. I think I can tolerate their cold better than Maryland cold!😄
  15. luvmygdaughters

    RIP Firebrand

    So sorry to hear this, I remember him on the forums, but, he looked very familiar.
  16. luvmygdaughters

    Decent care at St Mary's ER last night.

    Hope you're feeling better and on the mend soon!
  17. luvmygdaughters

    South Carolina

    Just got back from a fantastic week in Myrtle Beach, SC. My daughters booked an amazing house overlooking a beautiful lake, with morning visitors consisting of geese, swans and turtles. Had a great mask requirements anywhere at the beach. No one was wearing masks anywhere, it...
  18. luvmygdaughters

    Seriously, where have the libs on here gone?

    Curious about that myself. Where are the Rosie ODonnels, Cathy Griffin, Cher, Clooney, etc. Sure ran their collective mouths enough when a True President was in office. Now...crickets.
  19. luvmygdaughters

    George Carlin...true today as it was...

    Always loved George Carlin, and he hit the nail right on the head!!!!!
  20. luvmygdaughters

    Happy birthday, mitzi…

    Happy Birthday Mitzi!!! Enjoy your day!!! :bday: