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  1. luvmygdaughters

    South Carolina

    Just got back from a fantastic week in Myrtle Beach, SC. My daughters booked an amazing house overlooking a beautiful lake, with morning visitors consisting of geese, swans and turtles. Had a great mask requirements anywhere at the beach. No one was wearing masks anywhere, it...
  2. luvmygdaughters

    Another Snow/ice storm...what's for dinner??

    Think I may put on a pot of goulash tomorrow, warm french bread rolls and a salad.
  3. luvmygdaughters

    Office Furniture

    Does anyone know of any companies that buy used office furniture? We are closing down the office in La Plata and will telework. We have several desks, tables, chairs and a conference table with chairs. Our lease is up in May and of course, the boss chose me to find someone to buy the stuff...
  4. luvmygdaughters

    Ode to 2020!

    2020, your time is almost done, and I think that’s superb, After Dec 31st… yeah that’s right, kicking your ass to the curb. You’ve bought nothing but bad news and disease and fighting, You’ve been as welcome as another meteor, hurling towards earth sighting. Destruction...
  5. luvmygdaughters

    Is anybody getting any snow?

    Had some freezing rain in La Plata, any one getting any snow?
  6. luvmygdaughters

    Clogged up dishwasher

    Help, does anyone know of a handyman/woman type that can fix a dishwasher that wont drain? Its about 10 years old, we dont use it often.
  7. luvmygdaughters


    Happy Birthday Ginwoman!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! :bday::buddies:
  8. luvmygdaughters

    Why only BLM on TV

    I have seen a few news shows, featuring black citizens overcoming adversity, to become college educated,intelligent, productive, successful people. They explain the hardships they had to overcome and the support they got from their parents, or, more commonly, their single mom or dad. They did...
  9. luvmygdaughters

    Mr. King

    With a heavy heart, we had to say goodbye to my Granddog, Mr. King. He was 17 years old and had the greatest life of any dog I know. He was a great dog, companion and beloved member of our family. My daughter is heartbroken, but, she knows she did the right thing for him. As I've always...
  10. luvmygdaughters

    Happy Seafood Place

    Anybody try this place yet? Menu looks a little limited to me and kind of pricey.
  11. luvmygdaughters

    Gutter Cleaning

    My daughter lives in Lusby and is in need of someone to clean her gutters at a reasonable price. My husband,(her step dad) offered to it, but, I am not crazy about him climbing a ladder. Can you wonderful forumites recommend any one? TIA
  12. luvmygdaughters

    Pasta Salad

    Hi All, Today I am looking for a good pasta salad recipe, would like to incorporate shrimp into it as well. Also, does anyone have a recipe for good chicken salad? Our A/C is on the blitz and repairman cant get out till Friday, so, looking for meals that wont heat the kitchen. I grilled...
  13. luvmygdaughters

    Chicken Thighs

    I need some new ideas for chicken thighs, I've got boneless, skinless thighs. All you amazing cooks on the forums, please share some recipes, Thanks.
  14. luvmygdaughters

    Hand Sanitizer

    If anybody is looking for hand sanitizer, Southern Trails Distillery is making and selling some. Right behind Capt. Leonards on Morganza Turner Road.
  15. luvmygdaughters

    COVID-19 Blues!

    2020 Hasn’t started very well In fact, its become a living hell. Stay in your home and social distancing Face masks, rubber gloves and COVID-19. Toilet paper has become more valuable than gold Parents find home schooling is growing old. Nothing else happening in the world, according to the...
  16. luvmygdaughters


    Okay, since Hogan has issued the Stay at Home mandate, what about grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. Shouldn't these essential businesses, have a 10 person limit at their establishments? I know the hardware store in Leonardtown has a sign posted on their door, stating only 10 people allowed...
  17. luvmygdaughters

    Another new restaurant?

    Coming home from work yesterday, happen to notice there is a sign in front of the Bottom of the Hill restaurant in Leonardtown, advertising Happy Seafood House coming soon. I dont know what it is about that location, but, restaurants dont seem to make it there.
  18. luvmygdaughters

    Verizon and Smeco

    So yesterday when I get home from work, we have no power. There are two work trucks in the fire lane behind my house, the workers appear to be putting up new poles and reattaching lines. My husband said the power had been off for about an hour before I got home. The power came back on after...
  19. luvmygdaughters

    Dry Shampoo for Dogs

    Do they make such a thing? If so, have you used any? Any recommendations on a brand? Thanks in Advance!!
  20. luvmygdaughters

    AED Training

    I know we have some first responders on the forums and I'm hoping you may be able to help me. Our company has just purchased AED's for our 3 jobsites and the Maryland regional office. I need to know who does training for these devices? Some said local fire departments, but, I don't see...