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  1. awpitt

    St. Mary’s Government Says Land Surveyor Was Using An Expired License

    Just an FYI for anyone who has had surveying work done by Jerry Nokleby between now going back to January 5, 2019….
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    These words are relevant today...

    ...just as they were back in August 1974. .
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    The Electoral College has Spoken

    I’m probably going to get beat up and insulted for posting this but here goes….. Well, it is done. After all of the false claims of voter fraud. After almost 40 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign, and on behalf of the Trump campaign, all of which lost in the courts due to the lack of...
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    Payroll Tax "Holiday"

    On August 8, 2020. Trump singed a Presidential Memorandum ordering that that payroll taxes (Social Security/FICA) are to be deferred for the pay periods between September 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. This action is for anyone who has a gross income of less than $104,000 per year. It is a...
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    Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring

    I give Trump credit for doing this. It is long overdue.
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    Naval Academy withdraws appointment over racist messages

    Thoughts? WTOP .
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    Supreme Court rules against Trump administration bid to end DACA program

    The Supreme Court ruled Thursday against the Trump administration’s effort to end the Obama-era program that protects young immigrants brought illegally to the country as children from deportation...
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    Any DIY Computer Builders Out There?

    I'm in the process of figuring out what I want to build. Hoping to stay within a $1500 budget. Main thing is deciding between a AMD Ryzen or Intel Core CPU and AMD Radeon or Nvidia GPU. Motherboards, storage, RAM, etc seem to fall in place after that. Has anyone built their own computer...
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    Welcome to Socialism

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    Aircraft carrier captain removed from duty after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak

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    Military stop move order leaves service members paying two rents, DoD concerned about moving companies

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    Md. Gov. Larry Hogan issues ‘stay at home’ order

    Failure to comply is a misdemeanor with max punishment of up to $5K fine and or up to one year in jail.
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    The GOP's coronavirus relief package is a dream for big corporations and a nightmare for struggling Americans

    Why this was blocked last night...........
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    Just an FYI.............
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    Atlantic Broadband

    Just an FYI in case anyone is planning to make a trip to the Atlantic Broadband office in Hollywood.......
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    First coronavirus case announced in Charles County

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    BREAKING NEWS: All Maryland public K-12 schools closed beginning Monday March 16th through the 27th due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    BREAKING NEWS: All Maryland public K-12 schools closed beginning Monday March 16th through the 27th due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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    Maryland MVA Moving to Appointments Only

    Just an FYI so no one wastes a trip.
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    Tiki Bar-Solomons

    This question gets asked every year so here's the date for opening weekend. From the Tiki Bar Facebook site...