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    Motorcycle Inspections?

    Who does them ? Hewitts and Mr. Tire in Leonardtown no longer do them
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    Anybody know why...

    ... they were hauling a fully assembled airplane through Leonardtown today?
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    Driving down 235 today...

    In front of Wildwood. Lady in the car next to me rolls down her window and asks "Can we get over?" I replied "Don't know, I'm not driving your car" ... there was one car in my lane behind me. :crazy:
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    Mid Atlantic Fireworks Festival

    Last night near Allen's Fresh Awesome show
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    Cove Point LNG

    Why is this a big deal? There is already a gas terminal with storage for ships there and a pipe line in place. A friend posted a video about protesting the LNG terminal and I asked her why she objected to it and her answer was to un-friended me It's adding 75 good jobs and paying the...
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    Bacon alarm clock

    Oscar Myer has an app for you iphone that wakes you up and includes a little atomizer that attaches to you phone to fill the room with the smell of frying bacon ... and why does the ability to imbed a...
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    poker run
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    Trying to match...

    the bags to the bike
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    Wolf in Sochi

    3qZA-xOeQmE Cool prank by Jimmy Kimmel & Kate Hanson
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    Am I cruel....

    ... for doing this to my son's sock drawer? I'll let you know what happens in the morning
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    Anybody still sell the rolls?
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    Impeach Obama

    ... but you can't because he's mostly black J4wbUx2qxGo
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    WORST CASE snowfalls

    .. for your neighborhood
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    25 years

    ... of the best sports car ever built g1qgtCt1jG0
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    Golden Corral

    Has a "Now Hiring" sign out front. Must be getting close to opening
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    Obama rated 5th best president

    From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the 5th best President ever! The news release said,"...after only 5 years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best President ever! The details according to TEXAS A&M: 1. Reagan & Lincoln...
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    Having a bad day?

    I'll bet yours started better than this guys QqmVxNfizM4
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    Coke Superbowl Ad

    What's your opinion of Coke's ad? Offended by singing America the Beautiful in languages other than English or is it a celebration of undocumented immigration? 443Vy3I0gJs Od do you agree with Teddy Roosevelt when he said;
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    Colonial Beach Bike Fest

    Oct 9-12 Bike Fest Home » Colonial Beach Bike Fest
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    New ammo

    Looks nasty mJGH7cDFw7c