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  1. PsyOps

    Packing the SCOTUS

    The consequence of losing elections to authoritarian despots. That is all.
  2. PsyOps

    The fascism that's coming to America

    Father arrested for discussing child’s gender transition in defiance of court order The house just passed a bill that allegedly looks very similar to the law that led to this man's arrest in Canada. The man is not allowed to call his own daughter what he knows she was born as. You will...
  3. PsyOps

    From Concentration Camps to Reception Centers....................... just like that!

    The evil that was Trump had Concentration Camps detaining illegal immigrants. Now, our savior President Joe Biden has miraculously transformed those concentration camps into "Reception Centers". What an amazing country. :patriot:
  4. PsyOps

    The seeds of hatred

    This speech by Rep. Diana DeGette stood out to me. This is where I can never take liberals seriously. "We are not here to punish Donald Trump. We are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted". So, a trial against someone who has been charged with an alleged crime doesn't have...
  5. PsyOps

    President of Job Destruction

    Biden has already destroyed tens of thousands of jobs by stopping wall construction and the Keystone pipeline. Biden's nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen was asked back in 2014 about Barack Obama’s proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10, she replied: "I think...
  6. PsyOps

    Biden bans travel from our allies while opening the floodgates at our sourthern border

    I really have no comment except to say... You get the government you deserve. Biden to reinstate COVID-19 travel ban for most non-US citizens, sources say
  7. PsyOps

    Another "you can't make this #### up" story

    Our environmentalist left! Always trying to force us into electric cars, alter our homes with energy efficient appliances, insulation, etc... Even giving us tax incentives to do so. The true colors of liberal democrats shine through now that they are in power. Buttigieg is threatening a...
  8. PsyOps

    Hope and Unity

    It's only been a couple of hours but I'm already fed up with the lie from the left about this new hope and call for unity while leftists are calling for Trump supporters to be reprogrammed, accused of treason, and belittling us to nothing but the worst evil that has ever set foot on this...
  9. PsyOps

    Inauguration backdrop

    Suddenly the Betsy Ross flag is no longer racist. And suddenly the American flag is revered with a sea of flags, and not burned.
  10. PsyOps

    This is only the beginning

    As Trump leaves the WH he said that "this is only the beginning" of this movement. I always imagined him going back to his businesses and making money. I've also heard he will delve into creating his own social media or even news network that will focus on perpetuating this movement. So, it...
  11. PsyOps

    The National Guard might do something to Biden

    Because they're mostly white males and voted for Trump, therefore can't be trusted to protect Biden; so says Rep. Steve Cohen. "They might do something". Of course, Cohen has no evidence of this. His bigoted take is strictly based on his observation of the makeup of the NG recruited in to...
  12. PsyOps

    Is this for real...

    ... or just the media ratcheting up fear? Fox is on continuous reporting of possible clashes all over the country between "extreme right wing" and "extreme left wing" groups on inauguration day. The reports are, groups are planning armed "protests". Will there be shooting in the streets...
  13. PsyOps


    So, here is another alternative social media site - Of course, here's what Wiki says about it: I haven't signed up for the service, but it seems the narrative that any site that people are going to in order to escape FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc... are extremist, far right, alt right...
  14. PsyOps

    Okay, I'm beginning to wonder

    I know this has been discussed a lot, but I'm watching Trump speak talking about he will never concede. Congress is going to certify the election today. Biden is going to be our next president. I don't see Pence trying to stop it at all. I'm really starting to wonder if Trump will refuse...
  15. PsyOps

    Teacher of the Year

    Teacher of the Year Awardee Wishes Mitch McConnell's Neighbor Would Attack Him
  16. PsyOps

    Is he incompetent or working against Trump?

    We've watched Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell rant and rave on our TV screens for months now about the mountain of evidence they have that voter fraud occurred. They provided video evidence, hundreds of written sworn affidavits of election officials, monitors, and counters testify they saw...
  17. PsyOps

    You Trumpers have been warned

    This is what we have to face if democrats get full control. They will recruit their leftist "soldiers" (or perhaps they have been covertly setting up their 'Civilian National Security Force') and go after Trump supporters. I hope they are well armed.
  18. PsyOps

    From under the rug

    This story was swept under the rug by our MSM.............................. until now................................ after the election............................... when Joe Biden allegedly won the election. Hunter Biden 'tax affairs' under federal probe; links to China funds emerge, sources...
  19. PsyOps

    China has their Fang in the Democrat Party

    Remember the Chinese spy driver for Sen. Feinstein? Well, China has managed to get their Fang into our government via the Democrat Party again. Exclusive: Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians Democrats love their communists.
  20. PsyOps

    "He's the president elect"

    Leftist Chris Wallace interviewed HHS Secretary Alex Azar yesterday. Azar had the nerve to refer to Biden as "Vice President Biden". Wallace was quick to remind Azar that Biden is "President Election". He jumped in there two or three times to throw that reminder in there. Well, officially...