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  1. Merlin99

    Roe v. Wade?

    It seems that we're kind of, sort of ignoring a very important ruling / lack of ruling on this. It allows Texas to ban all abortions after six weeks. While I'm not particular which way this falls, it seems like a very important point to be ignored like this...
  2. Merlin99

    A mother dresses her son

    For the last time. it has me getting misty eyed.
  3. Merlin99

    Rocket launch tonight

    Wallops island has a rocket an Antares rocket launch scheduled for 6:01PM. It should be easily visible from southern Maryland.
  4. Merlin99


    my brother just called and asked me to look around for a few bricks of 22's. Anyone want to save me the trouble of trekking around the whole county?
  5. Merlin99


    It seems that all sports have decided to cave to the left with the outcome being that no one rally cares about the outcomes. I personally gave up on the NFL about 5 years ago because of it. Never watched the NBA, but they went to the left and to China. Soccer just started out there and went...
  6. Merlin99

    Vaccine pros and cons

    I’m on the fence on getting vaccinated, on the one hand it’s great to not get another version of the flu. But on the other hand the way it was rolled out (pushed) makes me not trust it. Being given “emergency use authorization”, but also giving the manufacturer’s protection if they screwed the...
  7. Merlin99


    Who in southern maryland has a good selection of lamps? The wife has been to the regular places, Lowes, Home depot and the furniture stores but hasn't found anything yet.
  8. Merlin99

    Common sense gun law

    Can you think of a law that would actually accomplish anything?
  9. Merlin99

    Cracker Barrel

    Why does Cracker Barrel have cod on Friday everywhere else in the country, but in Maryland it's only haddock?
  10. Merlin99

    Loeffler v. Warnock

    She's lost me already, every other sentence starts "Radical Liberal Warnock". If she can't keep more than that single title in her mind how's she going to juggle all of the minutia of government straight. Warnock isn't any better, he's all about being the first college grad and 11th out of 12 kids.
  11. Merlin99

    Reconfiguring the SC

    The whining has started with the calls of adding enough Justices to give the left an edge or rotating judges up from a lower court. Given 250 years of time to second guess the Constitutions writers anyone got any ideas on reconfiguring?
  12. Merlin99

    Maryland Constitutional Amendment question

    I'm not seeing this as a bad thing, especially now with a sort of R as the Governor. I don't see a R legislature anytime in the future so a line item veto is a D cutting out D items. Is there something in here that I'm missing?
  13. Merlin99


    Trying to find a place to buy marble disks, 2' round and 1-1.25" thick. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Merlin99

    What if?

    What happens if Joe doesn’t make it to Election Day? Does Kamala automatically get the nod or does Bernie, since he was second in the primaries, get it?
  15. Merlin99

    Just something I ran across and thought was cool
  16. Merlin99

    How is this...

    Not the same thing as a sawed off shotgun?
  17. Merlin99

    Terrible problem

    I see a solution.
  18. Merlin99

    What if?

    I keep seeing stories that Trump is not going to leave the White House when he loses, but I've yet to see the opposite scenario. What happens when Trump wins and the D's refuse to accept the results? Will we notice th difference.
  19. Merlin99


    Does anywhere in southern Maryland carry them?
  20. Merlin99


    Blue Wind is making them until 3:00 on Fri, Sat and Sun. They're hot out of the fryer and delicious.