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  1. Nanny Pam


    Trying to remember how to use the forums. I got used to FB so now I feel lost.
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  4. Nanny Pam


    I need a Coach knockoff. Can one of you DC gals hook me up? I forgeT how to post a pic on here of the one I want. Let me try. Brb.
  5. Nanny Pam

    Chores Make Men Happier

    Then my husband is a happy camper!
  6. Nanny Pam

    Great Danes

    :smack: I thought this was about dogs.
  7. Nanny Pam

    Blue Angels Practicing

    great photos.
  8. Nanny Pam

    Hey, baby, I'm your telephone man...

    He was handsome, right?
  9. Nanny Pam

    Quick! Jump in the shower!

    Woody will be on my lap, but that's ok. I love to snuggle. :coffee:
  10. Nanny Pam


    Who is your internet at home? Do you have a wireless router? With the router, your kindle will pick up that signal automatically.
  11. Nanny Pam

    Apollo haz hate

    I haven't had to try that .... YET. :buddies:
  12. Nanny Pam


    Oh yes, the Imitrex worked on the headache... but like I said I will have to ask for something else because of those side effects. I'll ask my Doc about the Fioricet. Thanks. :buddies:
  13. Nanny Pam

    Apollo haz hate

    I am not looking for any negativity, but we had to get Buster, my 3 yr. old a shock collar. We only ever had to shock him once or twice. All ne needs to hear are the "warning beeps" (which are given first, before shocking him) and what ever he is doing, he stops immediately and comes to me...
  14. Nanny Pam

    Need advice

    agree with RR
  15. Nanny Pam


    I started getting really bad headaches so the Doc put me on Imitrex. Now these headaches only happen around 3 times a month, but like I said, they're worse then the normal annoying headache. Does anyone take this drug, Imitrex? Do you have any problems tolerating it? Side effects? I'd...
  16. Nanny Pam

    Playing with the dog

    :smack: :killingme
  17. Nanny Pam

    For those of you so kind & willing ...

    At 6:30 last evening, Bob took his last breath and passed into the waiting arms of our Saviour. His hospital bed was surrounded by his entire family, and Pastor Bill Hopkins. Our prayers were answered for his sweet, peaceful passing. We thank all of you for your T's & P's. Love, Pam
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    Hey NoMoney

  19. Nanny Pam

    What is Your Hair Color

    well I messed that up, too. I voted b4 I read it. So my answer should have been dark brown. :ohwell:
  20. Nanny Pam

    For those of you so kind & willing ...

    Bob was taken to the hospital this am. They are saying it's some kind of pneumonia. (sp)