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  1. DaisyDuke

    Manafort pardon

    Trebek?! :jet:
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    Manafort pardon

    What?! Twitter wasn't around back then?? :razz: Fair enough. Still don't care for the guy. :biggrin:
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    Manafort pardon

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    What flat iron do you have?

    I recently bought a Conair Infiniti Pro. It was no more than $40 at Target. I've had more expensive ones in the past and I found this one to work just as well, if not better. I have thick, wavy hair and it keeps it rather "calm."
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    The Making of a Murderer (Netflix)

    I have to agree with a lot of what you said. Do I think Avery could have done it? Sure. He was obviously not a stand up guy. But there were a lot of unusual happenings with the case as a whole. It was poorly handled. And it's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that they were able to...
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    Have you tried any of the facial cleansers/products? My skin is sensitive and it seems I'm prone to breaking out when trying new things.
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    This has got to be the most annoying thing after a divorce.
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    Geez Louise

    Good point.
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    Geez Louise

    I didn't ask that. :lol:
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    Geez Louise

    I'm curious to find out if that is appealing to most guys?? Don't get me wrong, she's in amazing shape, but yikes....
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    If A Guy Knows How To Cook

    are you well hung?
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    DirecTV Installation

    Stupid question....if I already have cable hookups in the rooms where I want the boxes, they shouldn't need to install anything in the rooms? Except where I want DVR capability? Be patient with me, I'm slow. :lol:
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    DirecTV Installation

    What's involved with installation? Are they going to be drilling holes in the wall, etc? I read on the site it could take 2-5 hours.
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    Would you kill you spouse?

    I want to thank everyone who posted in this thread to remind me why I have no desire to get married again. Thank you! :yay:
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    Who Pays?

    Was it the bartender?:hot: :lol:
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    First Colony Center

    I obviously didn't go into extreme detail, but he kept asking questions. I was just caught off guard, and wasn't thinking as clearly as I could have been. I was just upset that I had to talk about it at all.
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    First Colony Center

    I had to talk to my son, who is 8, after our trip to Chikfila this past Saturday morning. I was not in the right frame of mind to discuss something of that nature at that particular time. He was upset and asking questions. You can't shield your child from everything, and they do have a right...