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    How an e-cigarette could lead to cocaine What a load of BS.
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    Is anyone else in Lexington Park having issues with their Metrocast Internet service? Called customer service and they are going to send out a tech tomorrow. Wondering if it might be more than just my connection.
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    Anyone know this person?

    Found this in our mailbox, just wondering if anyone might know who it is. For the record no I do not want your mixtape, and stay the #### out mailbox.
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    Mobil One

    Wondering if any one else has had issues with it. I have always used Royal Purple in my truck and the last oil change I switched to Mobil One synthetic. After the switch the truck has started to have a rough idle, it runs like crap in the cold and I have had to add about 1/2 quart of oil since...
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    Animal Rescue

    Are there any groups in the area that do animal rescue. Neighbors have a dog that they leave out all hours of the day and night. They leave for the day, and he stays tied up out back. I cannot tell if he is aggressive or not, he barks a lot but I would too if it was 30 degrees outside. If...
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    Does anyone have a spare 6x5.5" lug pattern wheel.

    Just throwing it out there to see if anyone might have a 16" wheel with a 6x5.5" lug pattern just sitting around. Width can be 7-8.5". Searched Brandywine and Champion with no luck. Also checked the classifieds and craigslist. Backspacing really doesn't matter, condition as long as it's not...
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    Bitcoin I wanted to buy about $100 worth about 4-5 years ago when I was doing research on the "deep web". I decided against it as the experts at the time said it would not last a year.
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    Gauge Cluster Mileage correction.

    Does anyone know of a shop in the area that does mileage correction for gauge clusters. The stepper motors are pretty much done for an I was going to replace them, however I have found a really good deal on a cluster that has low miles. I have called Winegardner and Bayside neither of which...
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    High speed chase.

    Heard sirens about 15 minutes ago, sounds like they took the cops on a bit of a journey from. Sound like they said 2 detained car was a Hyundai Elantra, finished in North Essex.
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    I think Ryan can speak for himself

    Ouch! Watch Rep. Paul Ryan Spank Former Obama Advisor Austan Goolsbee - YouTube Paul Ryan on MSNBC: "Let's have an honest debate" - YouTube Paul Ryan: What Washington Doesn't Want You To Know - YouTube The smear campaign from the left only proves that they are scared. I believe Romney...
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    Obama must be so proud.

    Of his country.
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    Act of Valor.

    Watched it last night and it was actually a pretty good movie. It did me thinking though, how the bad guys commented on the media firestorm after their attack. Which got me thinking further that it isn't politics that drives this country its the damn media. If the bad guys only worry is the...
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    WOW, I found our favorite member a wife.

    With all the Racism going on in this country this seemed fitting. Going Ghetto At The Gas Station - YouTube I wanted to puke listening to this dumb woman talk. Caution: Lots of expletives.
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    I would first off like to thank the idiots who decided to break into my truck sometimes between 11 p.m. yesterday and 5:30 a.m. this morning. My truck looks much better with the driver side window on the ground and the giant gaping hole, that used to contain my DVD player. I also would like to...
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    97.7 Format change again.

    Got in the car earlier and had the radio on 97.7 and it was some easy listening crap. Does anyone know did they change the format again?
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    Idiots on Chancelors Run.

    To all the idiots the drive from Chancelors Run rd to southbound 235. Watch for people turning into Sheetz they have the have the right of way. 4th time this week i have almost been hit by an idiot who wasnt looking.
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    Tax Boundary

    Im using turbo tax premier, and i am on the question about Incorporated Tax Boundaries. I live in Mechanicsville and the only city is Leonardtown, do i put not applicable or what. Either i owe like $5 or i get a nice amount back.
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    I won the Microsoft Lottery.

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    A poll that makes sense?

    AOL Straw Poll: Sept. 11-18 - Political Machine Actual votes from people who are not asked rediculous questions. THis is from over 550k votes.
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    Stupid ##### in the durango

    to the ##### in the durango on 235 around 5pm, turning into wildwood shopping center. Next time you want to turn think before you almost cause another 3 car pileup. You drive an SUV you could have taken the truck the 6 inches off the road to get into the turning lane rather than having 3 cars...