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  1. Sweet 16

    Solar eclipse

    Walmart has them for $1. They're an approved vendor, as is 7-11. Go to for more info.
  2. Sweet 16

    What's it like to ride the commuter bus to DC every day?

    I have ridden the 901/650 from LaPlata to K St., NW for almost 4 years. Have ridden alone, with old friends and have made new friends as well. Some cons: waiting in the heat/cold/rain/snow for a bus that shows up late or not at all; crowded buses, inconsiderate seat mates; broken down buses...
  3. Sweet 16

    It is addicting...

    I love my shelter kitty whom we adopted in January. He was a return also and for the life of me I can't figure out why. He is a year old now and just always seems so happy to be in a home and loved.
  4. Sweet 16

    DC/SOMD Commute

    They can't because Owe'Malley and his cronies raided the transportation fund to subsidize college tuition for illegals and other pet projects. It's a shame too because interchanging 210 could shave off 1/2 to an hour of commute time every day!
  5. Sweet 16

    The little green B*sta**ds are back

    I had one hitch a ride with me to Waldorf and back. I found him on my leg and tried to scoop him up and fling him out the car window and he wound up on my side mirror and rode all the way back home with me!
  6. Sweet 16

    New Homes in La Plata/White Plains

    Does anyone know anything about the new comminity(ies) going in on Rosewick Rd./St. Charles parkway near the golf course? I have scoured the interwebs and can't find any info. Don't know the builder offhand but they've cleared an awful lot of land and strung up wires and built quite a few...
  7. Sweet 16

    Changing Maryland???

    1. Repeal the rain tax. 2. Repeal 'drivers' licenses for illegals'. Driving used to be a privilege, not a right. 3. Foster a better business climate by repealing or reducing business taxes and modifying regulations to such a degree that businesses will want to come here.
  8. Sweet 16

    Federal Arrogance Fuels The New Sagebrush Rebellion

    Note the size of Texas and that the vast majority of it is owned by....Texas (and NOT Harry Reid).
  9. Sweet 16

    Aldi Store

    It's not fancy, but everything in it is packaged similar to name-brand and in some cases it actually is name-brand stuff but way cheaper than the grocery store. There is also a seasonal aisle where you can find stuff for your patio or small appliances. We go to the one in Brandywine all the...
  10. Sweet 16

    Day Trip Boating Menu Ideas

    Champagne and caviar all around! Haha j/k. If it were up to me, I would bring buckets of fried chicken because it can be eaten hot or cold, cole slaw or raw veggies, fresh sliced fruit and chips/salsa/dip and other munchies. Sammiches can get soggy if made ahead of time. Imma go eat my salad...
  11. Sweet 16

    Rain Man

    With the exception of "Risky Business" where he plays an eager but somewhat timid teenager, I'd agree. His character at the beginning of the movie was the complete opposite of 'Maverick' but he did a complete 180 by the end, which I attribute to good acting in this case. Julia Roberts tries...
  12. Sweet 16


    Anyone see what happened to oil prices today? Up over $2 per barrel due to events in Ukraine. :faint: My wallet is crying already.
  13. Sweet 16

    Nailed it!

    OMG the hedgehog and the octopus!!
  14. Sweet 16

    My Brother's Keeper.

    When public money is spent on public good, it is referred to as government, not "philanthropy", which is private money. Look it up. :smack: Philanthropy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. Sweet 16

    Are you one?

    I thought this was going to be a cooking thread. :confused:
  16. Sweet 16

    how to find federal jobs in so. md.

    Did you try Search by keyword/job title and location/zip code. Or try here: Or here: NAVSEA Jobs
  17. Sweet 16

    The extra change you had

    Because when prices go up, people stop buying or in this case, going out to eat, or they tip less, whereby your qualified, capable servers go away. Restaurants have taken a huge hit for the last 8 years due to the down economy because when people are forced to tighten their belts, luxuries like...
  18. Sweet 16

    Chicks suggest a "liberal to english" translator

    Racist = Anyone who disagrees with Obama Hate speech = An opinion that differs from that of the current administration or any liberal
  19. Sweet 16

    I am a liar!

    Harry Reid didn't even read the damn thing before he passed it so how can he speak authoritatively on any of this?!? I guess the young lady in line behind me at Dollar Tree that spent 20 minutes lamenting the fact that her premiums were tripling under Obamacare and her family couldn't use any...