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  1. VenusDoom

    Tap Tap

    ... :tap:
  2. VenusDoom

    MD Auto Inspections

    Where's the most economical place in the area to get an inspection done? I just bought a new car today and I need to get that done ASAP. TIA!
  3. VenusDoom

    Happy Birthday...

    to my mom! She's 50 today! :party:
  4. VenusDoom

    Snomaggedon 2010: How are you coping?

    I think my mom might've actually lost it... CmbQ2DVSsEY
  5. VenusDoom


    Before the concert on March 27, I've decided to finally go and get my 8th (and potentially final...) tattoo. SO... that being said, I need to know the names of the best tattoo parlors/artists in the metro area. I don't trust most of the ones in SOMD because I've seen shoddy work come out of...
  6. VenusDoom

    The rumors are true...

    ... I'm back by popular demand (or maybe because this place has become dreadfully boring and it makes me sad)... So let the mud slinging begin, at will. Or the welcome backs... I'm not picky. :buddies: