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  1. Sweet 16

    New Homes in La Plata/White Plains

    Does anyone know anything about the new comminity(ies) going in on Rosewick Rd./St. Charles parkway near the golf course? I have scoured the interwebs and can't find any info. Don't know the builder offhand but they've cleared an awful lot of land and strung up wires and built quite a few...
  2. Sweet 16


    Anyone see what happened to oil prices today? Up over $2 per barrel due to events in Ukraine. :faint: My wallet is crying already.
  3. Sweet 16

    Stupid young'uns NEED Obamacare

    Yes, kids do dumb stuff, but FLOTUS thinks y'all are so stupid you need Obamacare to save you from yourselves. :duh: Michelle Obama: 'Young People Are Knuckleheads,' Which Is Why They Need Obamacare | The Weekly Standard So, the demo they schmoozed so hard to get them elected they're now...
  4. Sweet 16

    Poor conflicted greenies

    Solar energy plants in tortoises' desert habitat pit green against green | Fox News Oh the irony.
  5. Sweet 16

    Puppy/Kitten Bowl Sunday!

    In addition to the annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, Hallmark Channel will be airing Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. Who cares about football...bring on the cuteness! :yahoo:
  6. Sweet 16


    Moody's slashes outlook on insurers, cites Obamacare 'uncertainty' | It's not about a website dammit! This is one-sixth of our economy folks, being dragged down the toilet by Obamacare, among other things. Just as planned. Single-payer, here we come.
  7. Sweet 16


    We adopted an older kitten from the Humane Society last week and, according to it's records, it has received 3 de-worming treatments. It now appears the kitten has worms. :frown: They are closed today but I plan on calling them tomorrow to find out if I can bring him in for treatment. Either...
  8. Sweet 16

    Christmas list

    Michelle Obama: 'Make It a Christmas Treat' to Talk About Health Insurance | CNS News Yay, thanks to the FLOTUS, I can stop stressing and fretting about what to get people for Christmas! Instead of traditional gifts, this year I am going to give everyone a rare Christmas "treat" in the form...
  9. Sweet 16

    Stocking stuffers

    Anyone have any great ideas for stocking stuffers? I manage to fill ours every year but wanted to hear your ideas for unique or really cool, inexpensive gifts that will fit in a stocking. Specifically, I am looking for 20 y.o. male and 18 y.o. female gifts. Hubby is always hard to buy for...
  10. Sweet 16

    MOM in Brazil

    Md. Delegation Kicks Off Brazil Trade Mission - Southern Maryland Headline News This part has me :confused:: MD has to be one of the most business un-friendly states in the Union. He's been driving business out of the state in droves and pandering for years to every country who will...
  11. Sweet 16

    Obamacare website dog-and-pony show continues

    HHS Secretary Sebelius Visits South Florida To Meet With Healthcare Navigators « CBS Miami Um yeah, that's it. If you keep repeating a lie often enough..... :duh:
  12. Sweet 16


    If you missed it this morning, WJLA has a time-lapse video. Gorgeous! Sunrise Special -- September Style! - StormWatch 7 |
  13. Sweet 16

    Health Insurance Marketplace Notice

    Just got my Obamacare notice at work. A note at the bottom states: "Plans available via the Health Insurance Marketplace are not sponsored by <Company X>. Premiums are paid directly to the sponsor on a post-tax basis with no employer contribution." So, what exactly is my incentive for...
  14. Sweet 16


    Northern California County Board Votes For Secession From State « CBS San Francisco I wish more states/counties would do this. Of course, I'm stuck in a state/county that won't. :ohwell:
  15. Sweet 16

    Teen (non-) drivers

    AAA: Teens delay getting driver's permits | I don't get it -- I couldn't wait to get even my learner's and it drove me nuts waiting an extra 6 months to get my license until I got my grades up. The only thing I can figure is kids today have gotten so used to being chauffeured to so...
  16. Sweet 16

    Beltway shut down.....again

    Twice in 8 hours on the same section of beltway. SMH. Beltway inner loop closed at Ritchie Marlboro Road |
  17. Sweet 16

    Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida concerts over 'Stand Your Ground' laws | So Little Stevie Wonder doesn't believe in the right to protect one's life and property. I wonder if his bodyguards feel the same way. What I don't understand is why don't these gun-hating idiots all just...
  18. Sweet 16

    Glock Block

    Neighbors organize 'Glock Block' Durrrr.....the whole point of advertising concealed carry is to deter criminals from entering the neighborhood, not to "pursue vigilante justice" after a crime has occurred. Thus, the neighborhood stays safe without any violence whatsoever. Brilliant!
  19. Sweet 16

    FOUR words.....

    .....for the morons who annointed The Won not once, but twice, and continued to believe in him despite a serious lack of evidence of any leadership abilities: WE. TOLD. YOU. SO.
  20. Sweet 16

    Here's your aspirin, now get the @#%& out!

    US hospitals send hundreds of immigrants back home - Did you mean the deportation law professor Lori, or the rampant, unchecked illegal immigration? SMH