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  1. GregV814

    Omicron Variant Hysteria

    Large Larry and his traveling medicine show says the new variant has hit Baltimore!! I guess them dangerous invisible monsters hit the city's population (of 3) and those poor souls are showing minimal symptoms!!! OH NO. Baltimore, charm city!! Get those non-working home test kits now! Go to the...
  2. GregV814

    "Experts" inject children with tainted drugs

  3. GregV814

    mob rob volunteers needed....

    NOTE, STRICTLY PARODY!!! look, why does California get all the attention??? We East Coasters in Murlin need some attention and Nationwide exposure too. And, I' m not talking about some galoot in St. George's Island walking around nekkid for exposure. Okay, I'm tired of the Industrial/Military...
  4. GregV814

    "Experts" inject children with tainted drugs

    ummmm who get shots and who doesn't? will there be any civil actions pending? will the racist, non-racist States Attorney investigate? Shirley, you jest.
  5. GregV814

    "Experts" inject children with tainted drugs

    70 children in Prince George’s Co. given expired COVID-19 vaccines | WTOP News My goodness, untrained people giving drugs to our children in the name of safety. Did they serve them tainted chicken nuggetts and Tide pods too?
  6. GregV814

    Don't Take Driving Test in a Tesla

    Yah, an assholio parent, giving an obnoxious child a Tesla in California.
  7. GregV814

    should I hire a lawyer?

    Once I saw DJT on television and said "Yayyy." Based on this story, should I hire a lawyer in case I get arrested too??? Oxford High shooting suspect's mom once wrote an open letter to Trump praising his defense of gun rights (
  8. GregV814

    Q & A

    Does anybody know anything about the HEMLOCK ARMS retirement community? They seem to have a lot of vacancies, but there is an EPA community rating of "poor", due to its large carbon footprint. But, they have on site energy producing incinerators.
  9. GregV814

    Adam 12 , 1973 who knew.

    Reed & Malloy get a call for a prowler in a residential area. They sneak up on a suspect, wearing work clothes, and a telescope!!!! The suspect was spying in the direction of a house, unaware that the police are approaching. They get close and say, "excuse me sir"... a vintage "Karen" turns...
  10. GregV814

    Omicron Variant Hysteria

    named after a small town in rural Tifton County Georgia?? Those darn cotton and "tater house" farmers.
  11. GregV814

    Breezy Point is getting out of hand.

  12. GregV814

    another pandemic?

    Biden HIV/AIDS strategy calls racism ‘public health threat’ We need answers!!! What about the children?
  13. GregV814

    Taj Mahal of Valley Lee

    The new firehouse in Prince Frederick is very large. Go big or go home. I will NEVER argue their worth, However... I wonder......who has money invested in the architects, contractors, brick & concrete companies. Jumi Hogan??
  14. GregV814

    My boy a goot boy

    Monello, Monello Monello... This young man was verbalizing, in a most unique way, the troubles and tribulations of being a young man in horrid conditions in California, a mecca of straight-laced, over zealous police run State. Look, he had nothing but a promising short life. He had to grab all...
  15. GregV814

    too late Salvation Army, no kettle for you!

    The Salvation Army has removed a document from its website called "Let’s Talk About Race" after criticism over the racially charged language instructing white people and Christians to "evaluate" racist attitudes and practices. "Elements of the recently issued ‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ guide led...
  16. GregV814


    The Health Officer in Anne Arundel County says there may be a problem with some at-home covid tests. Dr Nilesh Kalyanaraman said in a statement that some of the 100,000 Flowflex tests they distributed to libraries and other partners are missing English language instructions. Apparently, the...
  17. GregV814

    asking for a friend

    On the same note, but different song, : Of the women on all of the home renovation/cabin restoration, building shows, who would you like to spend dinner with, no sex, just a few hours, and who would you rather have needles stuck in your eyes instead of meeting? the woman in Galveston who seems...