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  1. BadGirl

    Roe v Wade

    As repugnant as I think they are, I do not want them to go away, nor do I think the law will be repealed.
  2. BadGirl


    Walker is leaving Yellowstone and heading over to Taylor Sheridan's new show "6666" where he will be joining Jimmy.
  3. BadGirl


    Yep, that skeeves me out, also. Are you just as bothered at the weird age thing going on between John and Beth as well? She looks like she could be his wife, instead of his daughter.
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    I love, love, love Yellowstone, but there is one thing about the show that irks the heck out of me (and I have a LOT of irk!). It is when John Dutton/Kevin Costner moves his mouth when he is in an unpleasant situation. It's like he pushes his tongue between his teeth and cheek, like he has a...
  5. BadGirl

    SPR1957WSHS health update.

    Awesome news!
  6. BadGirl

    What's your Thanksgiving Menu?

    Already made/assembled, just need to heat it up tomorrow: stuffed ham, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, gravy, pumpkin pies, and baking cookies right now. Tomorrow morning, toss the turkeys and honey ham in to the oven to roast, then the sides go in to...
  7. BadGirl

    Thinning hair

    I may try the wig thing, but honestly will likely just go towards a decorative bandana or something. Much easier for my lazy ways.
  8. BadGirl

    Thinning hair

    I started using Bioxin, about 20 years ago, and that formulation has peppermint as one of the core ingredients. It didn't help much, unfortunately. I went to the dermatologist eons ago about my hair loss, and he said it was a consequence of having bad hair genetics. My mom was this way, and I...
  9. BadGirl

    Thinning hair

    I need to bathe in this shiat. I lose soooo much hair due to crappy hair genes, thyroid problems, and age. In another three years or so, Imma gonna have to shave head bald. 😞
  10. BadGirl

    Yep Friday night told me winters here…

    We went camping this weekend up near the MD/PA border. It was COLD Friday night. Brrrrrrrrrrr
  11. BadGirl

    What's your Thanksgiving Menu?

    Sorta. But not quite. Almost.
  12. BadGirl

    What's your Thanksgiving Menu?

    2 Roasted Turkeys (big 'ens) 1 Spiral Sliced Ham 1 Stuffed Ham (spicy!) mashed taters candied sweet potatoes stuffing buttered corn green bean casserole yellow squash casserole pickled eggs gravy pumpkin pie dark chocolate chips/orange cookies pumpkin trifle shark coochie snack tray
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    Happy birthday, Darlin'! I hope your day has been as wonderful as you are.
  14. BadGirl

    Youngkin Got 54% of the Latino Vote

    So maybe he'd be interested in heading up the "Get Out and Vote" campaign.
  15. BadGirl

    Chick pushing vaccines tests positive for covid

    Just like Alec Baldwin, it couldn't have happened to a better person.
  16. BadGirl

    So who had trick or treaters?

    We had one trick or treater, and that only happened because Son went and picked him up and brought him back to our house.
  17. BadGirl


    Meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes, and sautéed broccoli with a drizzle of sesame oil. 😋
  18. BadGirl

    Lets write a short story of how you met your

    This is the song that Bob wrote about our first meeting: I've seen the bright lights of Memphis and the Commodore Hotel And underneath a street lamp, I met a Southern Belle Well, she took me to the river where she casts her spell And in that southern moonlight, she sang the song so well If...
  19. BadGirl

    Oriental Marker Torn Down

    "The project still has some time to go before road construction is slated to start. Although the planning is complete, the design phase is not supposed to end until the fall of 2025, and construction then won't start until the winter of 2025, pending available funds." Construction is a long way...