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  1. Christy


    Don't be talking smack about Jimmy! He's my favorite, and most under rated character on the show.
  2. Christy

    What's your Thanksgiving Menu?

    1 smoked Turkey 1 roasted Turkey 1 smoked pork belly smoked salmon spiral ham stuffing mashed potatoes some scalloped potato thing sweet potatoes macaroni and cheese broccoli cheese casserole some mexican street corn dish a bunch of pies I am sure more stuff, but I can't keep track anymore. I...
  3. Christy


    Not really, and I'm lazy, I'm not about sweeping them all off. They just get driven over and crushed.
  4. Christy


    Same here. My driveway is covered in acorns.
  5. Christy

    Gutfeld! beats all of them put together

    I LOVE Dagen! hahahaha
  6. Christy

    Apollo may have liver cancer....or maybe not

    The dog has resumed normal life. I mean she is an old dog, so she has creaky bones and such, but she still goes out and swims in the pool and lounges around the house like any normal dog.
  7. Christy

    Apollo may have liver cancer....or maybe not

    I would find a non-emergency vet to handle this. Friend of mine's dog was diagnosed with liver cancer and given maybe 6 months. It has been 3 years. She quit feeding her dog kibble and makes her food. She wasn't expecting her to live longer than the 6 months, but is pleasantly surprised that...
  8. Christy

    Ashli's Killer

    This guy forgot his loaded firearm in the men's room at the Capitol in 2019. Officer Barney Fife shouldn't have been allowed to be running around with a loaded weapon. Just sayin.
  9. Christy

    Need a danged caterer

    I believe Mission BBQ caters.
  10. Christy

    Speaking of AIDS...

    There is a common denominator. Dr. Fauci.
  11. Christy

    I'm thinking about war

    As a woman, and if I were unfortunate enough to have to lead a nation, it is unlikely that I would go out of my way to start a war. With that said, if another Nation messed with mine, I would strike back so hard and so brutal that they, and any other Nation, would think twice about messing with...
  12. Christy

    Hollywood be crazy

    I am fascinated with this. I can't for the life of me understand how her father has been able to do this for 13 years. For me, it is less about Brittney and more about individual liberty. It is mind boggling. I hope she goes scorched earth on that shitty family of hers.
  13. Christy

    Dan Bongino

    I just listen to his clips. I rarely can ever sit through any lengthy radio show. There are a couple of individuals who hold my attention. Greg Gutfeld because he always makes me laugh and Dave Rubin. I think Dave has interesting guests and talks about stuff that I find interesting.
  14. Christy

    Doomsday Preppers

    I am with you. I want to be at ground zero. I don't have any desire to survive an apocalypse. I like my creature comforts. I went to Food Lion yesterday and they were out of decent steaks. That was traumatic enough. I can't imagine living on canned beans and 50 year old MRE's. Just let me die.
  15. Christy


    Is it just me, or is the idea of posing your kids on unexploded ordinance, a bad idea? 🤷
  16. Christy

    Anybody ever build a fire pit?

    Sam, We just bought a bunch of landscaping bricks and stacked them around in a circle. Didn't do anything fancy and it works great. We want to make it bigger, so we'll just go buy more bricks. I will send a pic of ours to you.
  17. Christy


    I have a Pitt Boss pellet grill. Best of both worlds for grilling and smoking. I LOVE it.
  18. Christy

    Never have I ever...

    I have never ridden in a limo :sad:
  19. Christy

    Instant Pot chuck roast, carrots, and potatoes

    I always cook my roast first and then I throw in the veggies for like five minutes.
  20. Christy

    How California expats are helping turn Texas into a battleground state

    I predicted this would happen years ago when Texas went a courtin all of the California companies. So I am not the least bit surprised.