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    Guinea Pigs...Looking for a new home...

    I will post this in classifieds also, I have 2 male guinea pigs that my kids have outgrown. They come with cage, home, 2 water bottles, food bowl. We just want them to have a good home where someone will play with them. No price tag - will accept a small donation to my son who actually paid...
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    Medal Steel Drum

    Hi I am looking for a metal steel drum for burning anyone know where I might find one in this area. Thanks
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    Dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr. Wed 12/26

    Black/White dog found at 46591 Expedition Dr - looks scared to death - probably has gotten turned around and has no idea where to go. Call 240-298-7146 if you are missing your pet :).
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    Lawyer for Horse

    Help!!!Anyone know of a good lawyer I need to get my horse. The people that have him won't give him to me and the police said I need a lawyer
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    Looking for Boarding Facility...

    that allows outside instructors... would like to stay in St. Mary's or lower Calvert County. Looking for stall board, indoor ring not necessary. Any help would be great!
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    Looking for instructor who travels..

    Looking to see what is out there in the way of English instructors who will come to the barn that my daughter boards at. Any ideas...:howdy:
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    When is the Amish Auction in Loveville??

    Does anyone know when the amish auction will be that take splace up in Loveville? I have gone the last couple of years and seem to remember that it was in October...:yahoo: