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  1. Retrodeb54

    what song are you listening to?

    Fixed for you. :coffee:
  2. Retrodeb54

    PTSD - HOOD Disorder

    That thread title cracked me up. Thought we were in medical thread and it was a new S ...oh nevermind. I need more coffee I guess. :coffee:
  3. Retrodeb54

    Some times being bald has unintended effects.

    :lol: I just stopped the tears from the 'Tear Jerker' thread... now this from laughing, I can't seeeee :coffee:
  4. Retrodeb54

    Tear Jerker

    :bawl: Bless her for going that extra mile, not many would. :coffee:
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    What's your favorite decade of music?

    If you had to nail down your favorite decade of music, what would it be? The 60's Is it the lyrics, the music or something else that made you decide? All of the above, it was the decade of so many styles. Folk, R and B, Soul, British invasion, Girl groups broke out, country hit the...
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    What's your tropical drink name?

    Wicked Naked Lady :coffee:
  7. Retrodeb54

    I don't understand what I'm looking at

    This works. :) :coffee:
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    $600K food stamp fraud in 1 store

    My biggest 'freaking out moment' was seeing a woman buy steamed crabs and shrimp with an food assistance card. What a luxury. I was told that some places will let you get beer, cigs. and other absurd things. Oh well like op said, business' don't care where the money comes from. :coffee:
  9. Retrodeb54

    Possessed woman on subway

    I don't know why it surprises me that nobody did, but you really have to wonder why someone failed to call for help as soon as the weirdness started? I would have. It was obvious something was wrong with her. It could've even been a seizure but regardless what it was, a call was in order...
  10. Retrodeb54

    Bald Eagle just...

    Lucky, I wish there were one near here. To watch them soar is just like you said, breathtaking. :coffee:
  11. Retrodeb54

    Possessed woman on subway

    LIKE Thank you, I looked but couldn't find anything. :coffee:
  12. Retrodeb54

    Possessed woman on subway

    Don't you just hate it when there is no followup? :coffee:
  13. Retrodeb54

    I don't understand what I'm looking at

    Huh? :coffee:
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    Sex offender found under kid's bed

    Is it to late to change that to "Dead convicted sex offender found under childs bed." ? :coffee:
  15. Retrodeb54

    I don't understand what I'm looking at

    Foot isn't in shoe, you're seeing the heel? The bag offsets the scene causing an illusion. :coffee:
  16. Retrodeb54

    Heavy rains make way back to Washington

    No, but thank you very much for the offer. The yard was a 'deep' pond front and back, no basement. Next vent I'll have will be about a million frogs croaking. The runoff ditch is taking the water slowly, but it is taking it. So I'm fine. Sorry about your basement, hope its not to bad...
  17. Retrodeb54

    Dog crate end table

    LIKE Who knows maybe your Amish friend can pick up some business. Seems this would be a quick make for a good woodworker as well as a good seller. :coffee:
  18. Retrodeb54

    Heavy rains make way back to Washington

    I'm under water, is everyone else OK? :coffee:
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    Things That Deserve A Special Place In Hell

    *stepping off topic for a moment* I grew up downwind of Blue Plains. We can't give it a place in hell, the explosion would rock the whole world. Some windy summer days we had to go inside to play it was so bad. Some 'ewww' type childhood memories. lol My dad swore he couldn't smell it...
  20. Retrodeb54

    What's your Zombie name?

    Dreadful Haunted Soul :coffee: