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    Looking for a LARGE Rabbit Cage

    preferably one about 41" in length. It should have a large tub basin and be in good condition for consideration. Thank you!
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    Separation/Divorce Support Groups

    Another request.....anyone know of a divorce support group in Charles County, or possibly in the Southern Maryland area? Many thanks.
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    Need a Good Divorce Attorney

    Hi folks, After 30 years I need to end my marriage. Anyone have suggestions as to a good, but "affordable" attorney in Charles County. I say "affordable" as hubby makes 4 times as much as me, and I am wondering how I can aford an attorney let alone live in this county on my own!! Thanks...
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    Any sweet "50-ish" men out there who love animals, 105.9 Jazz, travelling and reading? Would love to hear from that special man!
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    Ice Cream (Coldstone Creamery)

    Just came back from eating at Coldstone Creamery located in that ridiculously overbuilt Rt.228 Marketplace Shopping Center in Waldorf. Whew!!!!!! $5.00 for a small cup of icecream! I bit the bullet obviously and bought he ice cream...but come on wasn't that great! Do all of us have...
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    Let's Pray for the Animals

    Today's bible message (in church), worried me a little. The minister was talking about world hunger and what each one of us can do to try to alleviate this in our Southern Maryland area. Don't get me wrong, it bothers me that we have a growing homeless problem in this area. But with constant...
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    Love "smooth jazz 105.9 radio station." Steve Cole, Brian Culbertson. Boney James, Spyro Gyro....any other jazz fans out there??
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    Hotel Charles

    Anyone give me some good info about this popular "hangout"? Used to work in the area, and I got the impression people of all ages frequented this establishment. Am I right?? Am over 40 (and still looking good!!) and don't want to be out with teenagers!!
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    He said that he just received a massage from an older woman (of course she has to be older!!). To be honast we've had some problems with our marriage (if you haven't figured that out allready) and of course he swore that nothing happened sexually.....Ha!!!!! But really everyone, I need some...
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    Could someone out there help me. Are there any legitimate spas in the Southern Maryland area that just give only massages. I have heard so many "scare stories" about others which offer other services (if you know what I mean!) Also, any reviews on "Oasis Spa" in Bel Alton. That one was...
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    Grossly Overweight Spouses

    I know I will "get flack" for this conversation, but I would like to hear from other spouses who are frustrated and tired of their grossly overweight spouses not taking the effort to lose weight. My spouse should have the gastrick bypass surgery because he is over 150 pounds overweight...but...
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    Unemployment Woes

    Any one else out there (still unemployed!!). Have been out of work since last September and I just can't find work. All I want is an admin job and the responses back from prospective employees say: "You're one of 200 applicants out there whose resume I have to review!!" (So in other words...
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    Does anyone out there have a pet hedgehog or two? We have one very nice, friendly hedgie.....but would like to share advice, etc. with someone. Thanks::smile:
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    Does anyone know of a good rabbit veternarian in the Southern Maryland Area? Recently went up the road to Crofton Vet Center and had a very good experience with the head vet, but my rabbit will probably need monthly visits due to malocussion and would like to find someone closer to home...