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  1. Jayn

    Technical Issue I'm listening but no one talking

    OK this could be a stupid question but are the online scanners busted or something? How come I can't here anything?
  2. Jayn

    Bus Stops

    Hey I was just wondering, will the sts bus stop to pick up someone by the road at the entrance leading to the new theater. And will there be a bus stop at the theater..
  3. Jayn

    Bus pass+ID=WTF

    OK when did the STS bus started to requare you to show your ID when boading the bus with a pass? WTF! I never seen or heard that till now!
  4. Jayn

    BJ's address

    Hey I was just wondering, what is the address for BJ's in California? Is it Worth LN. or AVE. I ask because I trying to add my business address to eBay..
  5. Jayn

    Catholic singles meet and Greet..

    Hey I really want to know does a Catholic church host a meet and greet for singles like dances around here. I need to know..
  6. Jayn

    Cathgoric meet and greet

    Say doesn't the local catholic church still have their meet and greet events for singles. I am interested in joining..
  7. Jayn

    Cathoric church meet and great

    Hey I did ask this in the dating form but does anyone know if the Catholic Church still does the single meet and greets.. I be interested in joining..
  8. Jayn

    catholic church meet ups

    Say doesn't the local catholic church still have their meet and greet events for singles. I am interested in joining..
  9. Jayn

    The new Metrocast TV Listings

    Hey I was just wondering if there's a site that have the updated TV listings for Metrocast. As you know all the basic channels (2 to 78) is no longer broadcasting.. Now we get 14-2 to 108-9 or something. I really want to know if there was a site that would list the new listings.. Or will...
  10. Jayn

    Verizon Wireless DSL

    OK what the heck is wrong with Verizon Wireless DSL Internet.. It's been down for over a week.. It does this thing where it will connect only for a minute then like goes dead then reconnects.. Had anyone else been having problems!
  11. Jayn

    STS bus drivers not allowed to play the radio

    This is a bit of old news but I really want to know why can't the bus drivers aren't allowed to play the radio? What's the real story behind it besides some talk about some butt hurt guy who didn't want his kid to be expose to music..
  12. Jayn

    Lunch at 10:25 AM?

    OK I don't know how long this been going on but there's a trend going on where fast food place such as McDonald's and Burger King where they stop serving breakfast and serving lunch at 10:30 or so. What's the deal with that? How long had that been going on?
  13. Jayn


    OK this is getting real annoying now. During the day it's fine but during the evening and night hours our net keeps cutting in and out a few times a week. What the hell is Verizon doing?!
  14. Jayn

    Is Verizon trying to fix something not broken

    Ok what's the deal with Verizon? our net keeps kicking out every 10 or so mins.. It is getting real annoying.. It did it once before last week too.
  15. Jayn

    Connection problems..

    Hey is anyone else having connection problems with Verizon wireless. My connection keeps cutting out for a second every 15 minutes or sometimes 20 minutes. It is really is getting annoying
  16. Jayn

    Verizon wireless connection problems

    Hey I been having problems with my net, it keeps dropping for a spit second every 15 or so minutes. Has anyone else having problems?
  17. Jayn

    Catch him?

    Hey I know this is a bit old news but did they ever catch that kid who was calling in all those Bomb threats all over St Mary's schools back in '98? I was told they did by a old friend but he forgot the details.. If they did can anyone link me to a news story if there was one..
  18. Jayn

    STS radio ban

    Hey I just heard on the STS CB on Friday that drivers aren't allowed to have the radio on.. What's up with that? Just today 2 of the drivers complained about it coming home.. I can only assume it has to do with hearing the CB but come on they have it on low..
  19. Jayn

    Is it me or is my tv starting to go

    OK I not sure where to put this so I'll put it here.. I been watching TV and lately I notice the sound level isn't as good as it was. I have to turn it up a bit to hear it and I was wondering is it my TV or is Metocast broadcasting on a lower frequency? I'm sure it's not my hearing, I can...
  20. Jayn

    Where's stinky

    Hey there used to be a man that hung out in Leanardtown nick-named "Stinky" and I hadn't hard anything about him for while and I just wondered if he was still around. Nothing against the guy or anything.. Just asking.