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    Thompson Corner Rd & 5

    How many more accidents is it going to take before the county puts a light in. The intersection at Thompson Corner Road and Route 5 is the most dangerous in the county. I don't recall anyone being killed in this intersection , but I may be wrong. But something needs to be done! Sounds so...
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    Water Main Break??

    Anyone hear of a water main break on Route 5 on the north end of St. Mary's county?
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    Property Tax Bills

    Just got this info off the St. Mary's County Treasurers website: LATEST UPDATE: The 2011 Real Estate Tax Bills are scheduled to be mailed on August 16, 2011 and will be due by September 30, 2011. However, if you do not receive your bill by August 31, 2011 please contact us at (301) 475-4472...
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    Dry Itchy Skin

    My Mini Schnauzer has extremely dry itchy skin. I give him olive oil in his food 2 - 3 times a week which has seemed to help, until the fleas started showing up. The vet gave me Frontline, knowing his skin condition. I was hesitant, but used it, now his skin is worse. Much worse! Dry...
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    Azalea trimming

    I have an azalea in my flower bed that I've been trying to "nurse" since we bought my house 2 years ago. It's obviously never had anyone take care of it. Last year half the bush died and I trimmed it. It's coming back and flowered this year, and now is growing in every which way. But how...
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    Carpet Remnants

    Is there any company in the tri-county area that sells carpet remnants.....I need to carpet a spare bedroom but not really wanting to spend $1000 on it. TIA!!
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    Need Exterminator

    Once again, we have those pesky little ants trying to take refuge in my kitchen. This year they have come in a little earlier than last year. But I've tried EVERYTHING!! Baits, traps, sprays inside, sprays outside....:cds: Can anyone suggest a reliable, and reasonable exterminator?
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    Pellet Stove

    Does anyone know who has the most reasonable priced pellets?
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    Old Club 911 building??

    I know that Charlotte and Ray sold the Club 911 business, but for the last several weeks someone has been renovating the insides of the building. Anyone know what's going in there now?
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    Computer to TV connection

    My daughter is getting married in Vegas in 12 days. The Chapel they are getting married in has a live video feed. Does anyone know if/how I can connect my computer to my TV to play the video?
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    Bluetooth Question

    So, last night my girls and I were in my car, wanted to call hubby to tell him we were on the way home. I hit the Bluetooth button in my car, which now I know you should do when no one is talking, and now the language has changed to French, and I can't get it back. The girls were talking, and...
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    Sandgates area

    Passing along a note, To all bikers coming to Sea Breeze during the holiday weekend to avoid South Sandgates Rd. They have put down tar and blue chip , a lot of loose gravel. Watch when crossing bridge at Sea Breeze from North Sandgates Rd., gravel starts on other side. Everyone riide safe!!!
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    How are the roads this morning?

    Hubby said the roads were pretty crappy at 3:30am when he was on the way to work but the 4 x 4 did fine. He's plowing snow all day on Pax River so he only knows about the base roads, but does anyone know how the main roads are?
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    Verizon Issues

    So. I'm in the Southern Mechanicsville area. My Verizon land line has been acting up at house since before Christmas when the snow started to melt. I let it ride thinking it would be okay after everything dried up. Wrong! I realized Saturday that my land line is completely out. Got...
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    New US Government Seal

    Speaker of the House Elect Nancy Pelosi today announced that the Democrats will change the nation's emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the new government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation...
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    What happened to Uno's??

    I just drove by St. Charles Town Center and Uno's is closed up. All the signage has been removed. Looks like a ghost restaurant. I didn't even know they were closing. Too bad.............they had great pizza!!
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    I saw smow!!!

    In Waldork! I did I did!! :yahoo:
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    NAVAIR Diversity Poster Contest

    Does anyone have dates on when this is for this year?
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    Rte. 242 closure at 7D Firehouse

    Coming out from Colton Point area the road was shut down and blocked with 4 sheriffs cruisers and a fire truck around 7:25 this morning........anybody know why?
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    St. Mary's County Fair

    Does anyone know where I can find an online schedule of events?