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  1. nelsonmuntz

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I believe I read(on here),that Home Depot pulled out when the county commisioners asked for HD to build a indoor swimming pool.
  2. nelsonmuntz

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Has anyone noticed they are clearing land by Lexington Exchange? Has anyone heard what's going into the 2 mixed use buildings going in?
  3. nelsonmuntz

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Was it in St. Mary's? Stop teasing me, rack your brain and give me the info... I've been dying for a location down here for like 10 years now! Ha ha!
  4. nelsonmuntz

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Location? The manager in Waldorf said "by the end of this year" (2019), but I don't see that happening
  5. nelsonmuntz

    Harbor Freight in Waldorf?

    Yup, just got off the phone with the manager, it looks like they'll be open Tuesday April 30th! 240-435-7272
  6. nelsonmuntz

    Harbor Freight in Waldorf?

    The grand opening for the Waldorf HFT is set for May 15, but I understand they going to have a soft opening sometime at the end of April.
  7. nelsonmuntz


    I've got a better idea, call Dominoes and tell them to pave it!
  8. nelsonmuntz

    Dear 97.7 The Rocket owners...

    I only listen at work,(satellite, subscriber since 2000) what kills me is the commercials. They play the same 3 every break, by the end of my shift I can recite them verbatim!
  9. nelsonmuntz

    Xmas thing at the fairgrounds

    This? Mechanicsville VFD Ladies Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar The Mechanicsville Vol. Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary is hosting the Annual Holiday Bazaar Sunday November 27, 2016 from 10am-3pm. The event is being held at the St. Mary's County Fairgrounds in Leonardtown Maryland. More then 50...
  10. nelsonmuntz

    Who were the St Mary's deputies looking for today?

    Yes, I looked all over the internet, and couldn't find a thing. I guess it might be in the Enterprise on Wednesday.
  11. nelsonmuntz

    Who were the St Mary's deputies looking for today?

    Commuting home today from the intersection of Chancellors run road and rt 235, I saw a deputy's car with it's emergency lights on and it's front bumper ripped off. I then saw deputy in the K-mart parking lot, then another on FDR blvd and then a third leaving the St mary's river park/parking lot...
  12. nelsonmuntz

    Best Take out or Restaurant Fried Chicken

    I was working in the Baltimore area, when I first discovered Royal Farms chicken. It is so good. I always stop whenever I travel north or south(they're in Virgina too) now.:dance:
  13. nelsonmuntz

    Anybody else hear that rumbling?

    What do they do there? Ive often thought about applying there, but not if I got to hear that all day.
  14. nelsonmuntz

    Anybody else hear that rumbling?

    Excuse me, if this has been covered before. What is that rumbling that I'm constantly hearing? It sounds like thunder but it's not because , I hear it on the clearest day. Is it the PAX? Dynamite blasting? Aliens? or the four horseman of the apocalypse? Thanks
  15. nelsonmuntz

    Smeco won't turn on my power untill Monday?!?!

    Whoops! , we left for vacation and forgot to pay the electric bill. Last night we came home,from vacation, to a dark house.The good new is, we think they cut it off late Friday. No problem, we have the money to pay, so I called them up. After giving them the CC information, they inform us that...
  16. nelsonmuntz

    MdKay's/Wildewood closing

    Hopefully a Texas themed steak house.
  17. nelsonmuntz

    Waldorf ranked #20 best place to live in America

    Ghetto without row houses!!! I worked up there for 2 1/2 years, its a fawking ghetto. I'm so glad I don't have to go there anymore. The only areas that are worth a crap are the older homes set back in the woods, and some of the higher end "mcmansions" that the thrash can't afford.
  18. nelsonmuntz

    3 Dead Cats/ Opinions Needed

    Check your Radon levels in your house. Pets who spend a lot of time in a basement can be susceptible to cancer.Ive seen 3 young show dogs die within months of each other, and the house tested high for Radon.
  19. nelsonmuntz

    Point Lookout ghost tour?

    Thank you for all the reply's. I found a phone number to call and they told me its canceled. Yes, I did search. Nothing from this year came up. But, THANK YOU!!! For all your help. You are a wonderful human being, have a nice day!