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  1. Monello

    Never let a tragic event go to waste

    Wait. So who is going to pay off the insurance claim if we are all carbonized by a flaming orb falling out of the sky?
  2. Monello

    Bette Midler: Trump Should Be Arrested for Attempted Murder of Joe Biden

    I'm glad George Costanza body slammed her when he had the chance.
  3. Monello

    Things that never happened - LGB version

    Is it senility or is it bullshit? Only his hairdresser knows for sure. tell us another story grandpa
  4. Monello

    mob rob volunteers needed....

    It pays to read the fine print.
  5. Monello

    Biden* snubs his bastard grandchild

    Hunter should have knocked up an illegal alien. Then that grandkid would be some sort of white house poster child.
  6. Monello

    Roe v Wade

    I thought they wanted abortion to be determined by each state? I doubt all 50 will choose to make it illegal.
  7. Monello

    Suspect in shooting death of Temple University student arrested for carjacking in July then released

    This is what a domestic terrorist looks like. Armed car jacking and now murder. At the tender age of 17. Imagine the mayhem this demon could have doled out to the unsuspecting citizens of Philly. Dead kid was a Bernie bro.
  8. Monello

    Ryan Rogers murder: Florida police identify suspect in custody after teen's 'deliberate' killing

    The real domestic terrorists are people like this guy and those in the justice system that turn him loose on polite society.
  9. Monello

    Biden* snubs his bastard grandchild

    who names their kid navy?
  10. Monello

    Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley charged with terrorism, murder: 'Not just an impulsive act'

    The Laundrie strategy. It appears to have some effect. If you have a right to remain silent, you may as well choose that option.
  11. Monello

    I must have one of these. Or two of them,

    How can you aim that thing? You can't see the target through the smoke.
  12. Monello

    Cat in tree

    A scoped .22 does a fantastic job of getting squirrels out of trees. No need to use that rickety ladder.
  13. Monello


    Channeling his inner Marlon Brando.
  14. Monello

    Actor Alec Baldwin Kills One Person, Wounds Another When Prop-Gun 'Misfires'

    The shot originated from a grassy knoll.
  15. Monello

    Adam 12 , 1973 who knew.

    Just the facts, ma'am.
  16. Monello


    Evidently not yet.
  17. Monello


    He's a character alright.