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    Ambulance Question

    Along the same lines.... Is it a law that vehicles pull over when an ambulance is approaching from the opposite direction?
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    What's the name of the new tea store in Callaway?

    Grama's Cupboard? Not sure if that's the one you mean......
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    Loud boom around 5:00 AM Monday morning, Dec. 31

    SOMDwxnews (via twitter) is reporting it was a DOD drill at Newtowne Neck Park. (Why so early, couldn't tell ya!!)
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    The Former La Tabella

    Is Cafe Mediterranean already gone? If so, that was fast!!!!
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    The Former La Tabella

    Mediterranean Grill? Not sure that is the exact name.... Haven't been there yet though!
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    recommendations for transmission repair

    Another vote for Gear Box! They repaired my transmission that two other (reputable) places had no luck with!!
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    Is it flooding at the end of Great Mills Rd

    It's fine.... Just drove through.
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    Missing Elderly Alzheimer Woman

    How do we register to get the phone alerts? TIA
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    Freezer beef

    Try Hole in the Woods Farm, Bushwood MD. 301-769-2963
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    Starter Capacitor

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    Starter Capacitor

    Try Wengers in Loveville, my husband has gotten one there before.
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    Metrocast problems?

    Yes!! Just came here to see if anyone else was out.... No metrocast Internet here......
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    Averys 2nd birthday

    Hi!! Thanks for the update! I opened this thread thinking it was about another little girl. Ava, I think? I think she was injured in an accident near Ocean City a while back. Does anyone have an update on her?
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    Japanese steakhouse ??

    We ended up at Okada, where the food was good, the show was great.... And the kids loved it!! Thanks!!
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    Japanese steakhouse ??

    Haha!! Ok, mixed reviews!! Thanks for the quick replies, guess it's a toss up!! ;)
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    Japanese steakhouse ??

    Hi!! I have two kids visiting, and they have their hearts set on going to one of the Japanese steakhouses, either in wildewood or San Souci. I heard that the restaurants might not do the "show" at lunch, only at dinner?? Does anyone know for sure, and could recommend one over the other? (...
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    Roadside stands

    Hmmmmmm.... Interesting!! Only fish, oysters, and veggies?
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    Roadside stands

    Tie dye stand is on St. Andrews Church rd, about halfway between either end. They are out today, we just came through there.
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    Roadside stands

    Just wondering, since I've seen so many in the last few days, if the people that set up stands selling tie-dye shirts, snow cones, or produce have to have a license? I think they do, right, but what's to stop someone without a license from calling it a "yard sale"???? Just curious.....
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    Date night restaurants?

    CD Cafe in Solomons!!!!