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    Japanese steakhouse ??

    Hi!! I have two kids visiting, and they have their hearts set on going to one of the Japanese steakhouses, either in wildewood or San Souci. I heard that the restaurants might not do the "show" at lunch, only at dinner?? Does anyone know for sure, and could recommend one over the other? (...
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    Roadside stands

    Just wondering, since I've seen so many in the last few days, if the people that set up stands selling tie-dye shirts, snow cones, or produce have to have a license? I think they do, right, but what's to stop someone without a license from calling it a "yard sale"???? Just curious.....
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    The Willows Restaurant

    Anyone know if it is closed for some reason? The last few days I've driven past, it is completely empty and looks like a sign on the door. Forgot to check the sign this evening! Any info?
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    Anyone fill out entry at Blue Crabs Game, and won?

    I guess I filled out something at the BlueCrabs game last week for a trip to Massanutten. Well, they called me this evening and said I had won, along with $125 and another trip to Orlando. Well.... the call didn't progress much futher because she said she ABSOLUTELY had to talk with my...
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    Baltimore Grand Prix

    Anyone going? Trying to decide whether or not to buy tickets, and will probably go with the 3-Day General Admission pass, and hoping that I can share it with a family member at least one of those days? If anyone has their tickets already, does it say anything about that? Also wondering what...
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    We have a pair of Bluebirds that just hatched a second brood this season (not sure if it is the same pair or not). They are in a bluebird house, and two days ago I heard the baby birds tweeting (just hatched probably). Today I noticed the adult pair flying frantically around the house, and...
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    Calvert Marine Museum

    Does anyone know if you can get into the Calvert Marine Museum gift shop without having to pay admission to the museum? TIA
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    St. Mary's Hospital ER (fast-track) question

    Hey everyone... back in July I had to go to the ER Fast-track (couldn't get in to see my Dr.). I just received a statement from my health insurance, an explanation of charges sort of thing. On there is listed the visit to the ER on the date that I went, as well as something from "Montgomery...
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    Safe to use the gas grill, even in this heat??

    With all of the stories about propane tank explosions here lately, I was just wondering if you think it is safe to use the grill (outside, of course) even in these HOT temps??