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    Atlantic Broadband Screwing Current Customers

    Earlier in the year we dumped everything Atlantic Broadband except internet to just get Hulu and Netflix. I did not want to do it because I lost Orioles games (Masn), but could not justify a $280 cable bill after DVR, extra boxes, HBO and what not. So now we pay them $90 for internet service...
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    Best place to put a job listing in St. Mary's

    Besides SOMD, what are the good places to post a job in St. Marys? We have tried Monster, and even CSM's site. They bring in a ton of resumes from Waldorf/Prince Frederick and points north who are not going to relocate to do entry level work at a small business.
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    Old 7-11 going in by Blue Wind...

    The old 7-11 by Blue Wind? It grew a story. Are they making it offices or something?
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    Recommendations for Best Accounatant for businesses in SOMD

    Simple question, who would you say is the best business accountant in southern MD?
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    Cheeseburger in Paradise Closing?

    Saw this on Wikipedia, but no where else. Since Outback sold them, the service went down hill the few times we went there. Not sure if making it a Fuddruckers would be an upgrade.
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    Yellow Boat floating outside the Lighthouse in Solomons

    Every time we have been there (about 10x now), there is this yellow trimaran boat floating in the marina outside. It is spray painted with graffiti and has a tarp for a roof. Actually looks like something you would see floating in a slummy Chinese harbor. Just wondering what the story was behind...
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    4 Story Apartments at bad intersection in Leonardtown?

    Does anyone think this is a good idea? Anyone who has been in Academy Hills knows how hard it is to get out the development. Plus do you really think these people will be walking a mile down Fenwick street to buy used books and eat at Café Des Artists? Seems like a tax money grab. Leonardtown is...
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    The new Dollar General in Mechanicsville...

    Is officially the ugliest new business built in St. Mary's in the last 10 years. What an eyesore. That is all....
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    So......say they do build a new Solomon's Bridge

    What do you want to bet they would make it some form of toll bridge. I can't see a $750 Million to $1 Billion project in an area down here happening any other way. Say they did...I wonder how that would change the behavior of people down here. How many people would not just run across the...
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    They need to run radar on St. Andrews Church Road.

    To pull over all the people going 10 or more under the speed limit:burning:. Seems like every other time I drive down that road I stuck behind, or in a line of cars behind someone going 35-40 mph. I am not sure if the speed limit signs are big enough or what. Maybe for out of towners, they don't...
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    Longhorn going North of Texas Roadhouse?

    According to the Enterpise there is land north of it where they want to build a Longhorn Steakhouse. Generally I like more restaurants..but how many Texas themed steakhouses does a 5 mile section of highway need? I have no clue why a Longhorn would want to be so close to Texas Roadhouse. No...
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    Metrocast Multiroom

    Just when you think Metrocast has something right, they find a new way to surpised you with backwards ness. We have Metrocast here, and I have had 3 DVR's because my wife likes to record stuff, and watch it in the Living room, bedroom, or workout room. I was going to switch to DirectTV for the...
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    Now that Dominos has good pizza..

    We need one in Hollywood/Leonardtown/California. Ever since they changed their pizza, it is the best take out pizza from a chain in the area. However going to Great Mills Road or Lusby is kind of a haul for pizza. I would gladly trade the Leonardtown Pizza Hut that never has stuff, or drivers...
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    How many times can Thompson's go out of business.

    Just got something in the mail today about another (or extension of the current) going out of business sale. How many of these sales can they have? If they spent some of their marketing money on cleaning up the nasty showroom they would not have to run sales like this.