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  1. EmnJoe

    Man gets 55 years for abusing girl

    A 72-year-old Virginia man convicted Aug. 4 of sexually abusing a young girl throughout the 1970s while living in Bryans Road received an effective life sentence Monday, but not before his victim gave a harrowing account of her abuse. Charles County Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley gave...
  2. EmnJoe

    Kids are sleepwalking...

    Anyone have the link for the sleep running dog that was all over the webs? Oh and definitely talk to a doctor.
  3. EmnJoe

    I want a miniature giraffe.

    I also want the live dogs playing poker from the begining of that comercial.:killingme
  4. EmnJoe

    Caption This

    Toyota Mini Van
  5. EmnJoe


    I am a woman and proud to be a puss hater.
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    :buddies:I will definetly be there. I have also updated my signature line to announce my new status.
  7. EmnJoe

    Winner For The Worst Sentence of 2010

    They had a link on that page to the worst sex written in books. So funny.:killingme Bad Sex Award 2007 shortlisted passages
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    Like ketchup packets. Cool!:high5: I will have to go practice. It could become a contest or a new sport.
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    Sound like comfy soft slippers. Can you make me a pair also? I will pay for them. But I want calico.:yahoo:
  10. EmnJoe

    I just have one thing to say

    :killingmeI read it that way too. :lmao:
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    People, if you ride a horse

    Can we also get a petition going to have people keep their cats on a leash when outside? I hate cat people.
  13. EmnJoe

    Caption This

    All I can think is thank God we can't see their wenises.
  14. EmnJoe

    Suggestion for JPCs Campaign

    I thought this said "he already leaked on a side walk" and thought "yea he did have a kid who is as much of a waste as himself".
  15. EmnJoe

    Applewood chunks

    True Value in Charlotte Hall has it and other kinds too.
  16. EmnJoe

    It has come to my attention...

    Not just up to the woman. But I am one of those women who believes we should tell him how we like it so that it does happen. OK then be more carful how you word it. That didn't sound good the first time.:lmao: I didn't get defensive I just thought it was a little sad. But glad to see it wasn't...
  17. EmnJoe

    It has come to my attention...

    If he is complaining about anything or talking about anything other then sex during sex. Then your not doing something right. Just my opinion and experience.
  18. EmnJoe

    It has come to my attention...

    That's just sad for any woman to say or agree with. Maybe it's not him.:whistle:
  19. EmnJoe

    Lasting Lip Color

    Maybelline Super stay Lip color. Stain is in lip gloss form on one end and clear lip stick on the other for shiny top coat. Works great and stays on a long time. Just might have to reapply the clear once in a while.
  20. EmnJoe

    Patient First

    have them check the date of the claim. I had this and turns out the submitted with last years date and that cause those types of issues.