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    New IHOP

    Anyone know when it will open?
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    Typical MD government foresight

    Received a toll charge in the mail for crossing a bridge in MD. Says I have to pay the toll by November 15th. Today marks the 2nd week of attempting to do so. Online pay feature is broken (tried at least 10 times and always comes back with error), Calling the toll free is always at least a 60-70...
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    The MANDATE conundrum

    Now that the vaccine mandate for the federal workforce is in full swing, I wonder how things will be handled in the future with regards to some of the following. What happens when these workers get the jab to keep their job and find out later (if it happens) that the religious exemptions get...
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    Finding IPs on an Intranet

    Setting up a wired Intranet (connected via an 8-port hub) and I will have 1 Windows based machine and 2 Linux based CPUs. Using the Windows machine, how can I find the IP addresses for the Linux machines? I want to do speedy file transfers between the Linux machines via an interface from the...
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    Custom cut Plexiglass??

    Does anyone know where I can get 2 or 3 sheets of Plexiglass or Lexan custom cut to size? And... NOT pay an arm or a leg for it. Thanks!
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    ABB at it AGAIN?

    Anyone else notice yet another increase in their ABB bill this month?