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    SMCPS policy for teachers children

    Seems as though teachers children who attend the same school are always present in the classroom when there is an event while school is not in session. Just wondering what the policy was on this? I have even had teachers children present during conferences for my child over the years. Do...
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    banks open friday?

    Will banks be open on Friday? Hoping like a lot they arent taking a long weekend too!
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    Tax Preparer for Daycare

    Looking for a tax preparer in St.Mary's or Charles that is familiar with doing daycare taxes.....any suggestions TIA :)
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    Flat Iron Farm

    Went there over the weekend, lights pretty as usual, but something stuck out to me this year......In my opinion the horses looked terrible, skinny and needing to be brushed, none wanted any interaction with the people coming up to them :( The barns of the the animals smelled horrible, I know...
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    Jumpyard still open???

    Is The Jumpyard in Lexington Park still open? Looking for birthday party ideas, but have never been there, and it doesn't seem very popular.....any insight please
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    Blue Buffalo Dog Food

    Any insight on this food??? Just switched my labs- my chocolate is over weight so switched them to the large breed healthy weight formula in hopes to get her down a few pounds. I did alot of research online about what food to pick, the girl at petco said this is one of the best, she feeds it to...
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    Got my labs the bordetella nasal spray Saturday at the traveling vaccines van that comes to Petco, they are going to a kennel this weekend, 2nd time they have had this-now since yesterday one of them has been coughing like crazy, sounds like a goose honking.... called the vet and they said this...
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    kennel recommendations.....

    I have to board my doggies for the weekend for the first time ever in a few weeks, Im a bit nervous, but need some recommendations on kennels in st.marys for them...
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    Regency Furniture

    Needs some thoughts on this place.....good or bad experiences?
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    Lucky Ones in Charlotte Hall

    Has anyone used them for neuturing their dog? I need to get my 2 1/2 lab fixed- I used them years ago for my cat but hadn't been there lately....
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    Bridesmaids dresses

    Has anyone used the online stores to order your bridesmaids/bridal gowns? The prices are so much cheaper than bridal shops-according to the site because we are ordering directly from the designer-eliminating overhead cost. I'm thinking this is the way bridal shops go about ordering for you, and...
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    Has anyone ever tried this supplement in their dogs food? Seems to be full of vitamins, aloe, etc to help their coat.....My one lab sheds year round, I'm wondering if it because he is an inside dog and can't distinguish the seasons, he has always shed alot since we got him, nothing wrong with...
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    2011 Tax Assessments

    Received our new tax assessment last week- WOW! Down close to $50,000 since 2008. What does this mean exactly? I know my property value is down along with everyone elses in this housing slump, but are my property taxes going to decrease this year? Or is it a phase-in like when your assessment...
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    Mortgage Rates!!!!

    In the refinancing process- but what is up with these rates! Im still floating, hoping for something good to happen-but Im getting very anxious as I wathc them rise alot one day,then drop a tiny bit the next! Any predictions or useful info? At the start we could get 4.125 but didnt lock since...
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    Refi Loans

    Anyone know any goods or bads about the FHA 203K loan? Or any refinance loans where money can be taken out to add on, renovate, etc...
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    Looking to refinance-where should i watch the rates each day to know when and if to lock in a rate for my loan? What have the rates been doing lately-going down,up, or staying pretty steady? Thanks all
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    I have never really used coupons unless I see them on a package-but I wanted to start-where do I get them? Do I need to buy a washington post every weekend? I get the free packet every week in the mail-but not many coupons that I would use! I always love when BJ's sends out their coupon...
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    can mums get TOO MUCH water?

    Since the big rain last week my mums aren't looking to fabulous anymore-especially the yellow ones-they are turning brown! Anyone heard of them getting too much water?
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    Dog Shedding...

    So it seems like my 2 yr old lab just started shedding tremendously lately- I know we are approaching fall and he should be shedding a coat then-but Im wondering if he needs some vitamins on top of his food. I have read that fish oil is good for their coats. Im just kinda wondering if something...
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    well pet clinic on lexington park

    anyone have any opinions on the well pet clinic? Good or bad, thinking about using them when we get our new puppy in a few weeks. Vets are just sooo expensive! Thanks!