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    The end of the US gun control debate....

    America decided killing children was bearable way before Sandy Hook by creating gun free school zones.
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    Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Survey

    Incorrect. A letter from the business owners bank attesting that they have a business account is all that is needed for that part of the requirement. The law says nothing about cash or denominations of cash. 1.Owner or employee of a business. You must submit photocopies of the Trader's...
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    Reset Your Body Challenge

    Best band name ever is "Free Beer". Put that on the sign out front and the bar will be packed every night.
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    Utah Concealed Carry class in La Plata on 1/10/15

    Moe is great to work with and I wish every one in the entire state (country for that matter) would get this permit.
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    MD. needs to cut 1.1 billion dollars

    One isn't forced to join a union but they are forced to pay for the union (see Communications Workers v. Beck, Ellis v. Railway Clerks, Abood v. Detroit of Education). If unions are so great, why isn't it voluntary to join and/or pay for them?
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    Favorite cut of steak

    Steaks at most stores are wet aged and contain around 30% water weight. $5.99 or whatever a pound for water is expensive in my book. We pay $20/lb for dry aged New York strips from Zekiah Farms but it is WELL worth it.
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    My thoughts on Bill Cosby

    Why would he pay someone (his lawyers) to tell him want to say (or in this case not say) and then not listen to them? Let's see, I can keep my trap shut and only pay out $X or I can go against that advice and pay ten times that much because my lawyers now have to spin/unspin what I said. Mums...
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    Obama Regulations Killed Eric Garner

    What is the appropriate level of force that should be used on someone resisting arrest? Like if I fight back a little they should just let me go or should I fight back a little harder for that to happen? Do what the cop says (know your rights, an order is different than a suggestion and so...
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    Cruise Ship Terminal in Solomons?

    Baltimore to Solomons = 80 miles. Baltimore to Solomons = 230 miles. Most willing to drive to Baltimore would more than likely they would be willing to drive to Solomons. Norfolk, most likely not so much. Baltimore/Solomons are in the same market, Norfolk is a different market. I was not the...
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    Cruise Ship Terminal in Solomons?

    I never said there was a speed limit. I said they have to go slow because of their wake. All vessels are responsible for their wake. They can go as fast as they want as long as their wake doesn't do any damage. A speedy tug boats has a much different wake at 12 knots than a 90,000 ton 1,000 foot...
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    Officer Wilson To Resign From Ferguson PD

    If I had a few million bucks I'd make my way out of that sheet hole too... GoFundMe was at $200K+ when it was shut down, another one by a Police Association had $200K+ in it, reported $500K+ from ABC for the interview, "I am Darren Wilson" shirt sales person gave him all the profits and so on...
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    Cruise Ship Terminal in Solomons?

    As always, look at the money aspect first for the best answer. The real reason for this cruise port is because the ships have to go so slow on the Bay as not to cause damage from their wake. It takes about 5 hours to get from Baltimore to the Bay Bridge. No gambling or duty free shopping...
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    Trees cleared on 488?

    Anyone know what they are doing? Clearing for power lines?
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    Explain this....

    Some thing with the name Lisa Marie I guess...
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    AR Lowers legal for sale in MD again

    IANAL but from what I understand it also depends on how the pre-ban lower was transferred. If lower was transferred as a long gun, good to go with whatever upper you choose including non-HBAR. If transferred as a pistol or other, no-no to the non-HBAR upper.
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    Considering a Utility trailer

    Yes, you can register your stuff without being a Maine resident. It can all be done online and I use my home (La Plata, MD) address. 5 years for $99 and only $50 more if you need a title. Only trailers that weigh over 3000 pounds empty need titles in Maine.
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    Considering a Utility trailer No, I am not kidding!! Register it in MAINE!! $60 for FIVE years for what you are looking at!!!
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    Shah Associates - Prince Frederick

    Again, another insurance company issue. I wouldn't work for free either...
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    Shah Associates - Prince Frederick

    Good luck!! Thank you insurance companies and Obamacare!!
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    Party Bus Rentals in St. Mary's County/Southern Maryland

    Yep!! 26 seater bus is the ticket!! Call Mike or Jeff today at 301-274-0390.