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  1. Toxick

    Is it just me...

    ... Or is using very much like getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts. What a pile of ****ing crap.* *I didn't type "crap". I do not like this filter changing my words. I'd rather be censored with stars and hashtags rather than having the intensity of my word...
  2. Toxick

    Coronavirus test

    I am travelling on Tuesday before sunrise, and I need to get a covid test. The way everyone has been creaming their britches over this mother ****er for two years, you'd think that they would make it easy to get a test. I tried CVS and Walgreens, and they're ****ing useless. Obviously the...
  3. Toxick

    Haunted Houses

    ... or costume parties this weekend? Anybody know of any going on?
  4. Toxick

    Any electricians in the hizzie

    Or someone who intimately knows the inner workings of a lightswitch and doesn't helping a wiring n00b out.
  5. Toxick

    Chicago Style Pizza

    Is there anywhere in SoMD you can actually get one of these? I'm not talking a Little Caesars' or Pizza Hut's "Deep Dish" - I'm talking about an actual 7 lbs pie with cheese and a 12 inch slab of meat in it with the sauce on top? A real actual Chicago style pizza? For that matter? Can you get...
  6. Toxick


    We're coming up on the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve" :yay:
  7. Toxick

    Radio Stations around the world

    This is cool
  8. Toxick

    Non-compete agreements

    I have no idea what section to put this under.... At my job I signed a non-compete agreement. I'm looking at another job which I think MAY POSSIBLY be a competitor, but I'm not really sure. Is there any place I can find out? I do not have access to the new company, or any of the people in it...
  9. Toxick

    Clash of the Tightens

    Schumer moves to guard his left flank against Ocasio-Cortez (
  10. Toxick

    I might have the VID :(

    I have a test set up for tomorrow. I'll try to keep you posted. If I don't come back, it was nice knowing y'all. Even if you're a bunch of right-wing nut-cases.
  11. Toxick

    Question for all the amateur psychologists

    I actually did a search on the internet and got about a billion and one verbally related results, but zero actually related results. Someone I know unconsciously shakes their hands when you talk to them. (So my google search returned pages about handshakes and tremors, but nothing about this)...
  12. Toxick

    Mystery Virus in India

    Hundreds ill, one dead after unidentified disease hits city in India ( What in the Goddamn ****?
  13. Toxick

    McRib is back!

  14. Toxick

    If there's a tie...

    If no candidate receives majority of electoral votes, the election of the president is left to members of the House of Representatives, while the selection of the vice president is decided by the Senate. I guess we know who the House would select. I can see the Senate selecting for Vice...
  15. Toxick

    I performed a social experiment!

    I voted today, and I wore a MAGA Hat walking into the polling station. When I voted the second time, I wore a Biden/Harris t-shirt. Nobody ****ed with me either time - Hooray for Southern Maryland. No voter suppression that I could see.
  16. Toxick

    More evidence that Trump is trying to KILL PEOPLE That son of a BITCH didn't even provide limo service and a hotel room for the people at this rally. He may as well just start executing his supporters...
  17. Toxick

    I'm no PETA guy but...

    ... I do like animals. And Trump ONCE AGAIN showing his true colors, exposes himself as a hater of animals, by badmouthing coyotes on the southern border. They may not be great as house-pets, but they are creatures of nature and they should not be targeted by Trump or his evil right-wing...
  18. Toxick

    Are they calling it...

    ..."Salongate" yet? And has anyone figure out how and why this is all Trump's fault yet?
  19. Toxick

    Later Caps

    That was quite possibly the most 2020-ish way for the NHL Season to end imaginable.
  20. Toxick

    Finally, I can vote FOR someone, instead of AGAINST someone...

    Kanye West Says 'I Am Running for President' as Elon Musk Says 'You Have My Full Support!' I think the media is pushing against this, bigly, of course. I suspect it's because he won't smile when they take...