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  1. Bird Dog

    Another Strike another Success!

    Yes, let’s see those taxes keep going up to pay for it all….what a win.
  2. Bird Dog

    Olives — green or black?

    All Olives Matter i like all olives….
  3. Bird Dog

    Is There Any Recourse Against MVA?

    He stopped by Buzzy’s when he was first running. All he would talk about was his service. Nothing political…..he didn’t have a clue. I knew then he was a Steny bot…..
  4. Bird Dog

    Courtney's Restaurant is in trouble - donate if you can.

    Tommy has covid and has been really sick. He is getting better one day at a time. Tommy has worked hard all his life and is not in a financial situation where a couple of weeks not working is going to hurt him that bad and he has friends to help him if he really needed it. Most importantly as...
  5. Bird Dog

    HOYER: Hoyer Secures Funding to Dredge Herring Bay and Rockhold Creek

    Steny has never been to Deale, MD........just sayin'... Why do you keep blowing smoke up his ass?
  6. Bird Dog

    Catholic church/Pope/Vatican/Pedophile thread

    HOMOSEXUAL what I say. They attacked sexually mature young men, not children. Still wrong, still covered up but these ******s were the predators . The woke press did not want to offend the HOMOs
  7. Bird Dog

    Covid precautions we want to keep forever

    Not to mention, the unwashed that have to touch every avocado in the bin...
  8. Bird Dog

    New Italian restaurant

    You all are going to love Noli’s. Real Italian food from a real Italian Lady. This was her carry out menu when they were in Ridge.
  9. Bird Dog

    Is There Any Recourse Against MVA?

    I don’t think he has ever been South of Hermanville Road……hides in the Park
  10. Bird Dog

    HOYER: Congressman Hoyer Announces Federal Funding for Maryland Bridge Repairs

    “swoooon” :drama: Steny is the man….. Thank you Newsbutt for keeping us so informed on his greatness
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  12. Bird Dog

    8 Worst Fast-Food Burgers to Stay Away From Right Now

    It’s amazing…..lots of similarities…..
  13. Bird Dog

    New IHOP

    They'll stay in the hood....
  14. Bird Dog

    New IHOP

    It won't because its not in the "old location". The problem was not the restaurant, it was the location
  15. Bird Dog

    Dems say Hogan crime plan is 'dog-whistling,' as governor carries nearly 80% Black voter approval rating BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Two Baltimore City elected officials who support divesting resources from the Baltimore Police Department enjoy million-dollar personal security details...
  16. Bird Dog

    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    I have the food to be excellent. Prices normal for the quality of food and portions you get. Great staff and owners who want you to have a good time Foxy Fish
  17. Bird Dog

    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    They open tonight at 4:00 meet me there and I'll buy you a drink
  18. Bird Dog

    Roll Tide….

    Better than the Super Bowl…..
  19. Bird Dog

    Any resources for what to do with an aging parent?

    May God Bless you all.......