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  1. Homer J

    Poo Pumper

    Does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced septic tank service? I had Copsey's pump out the tank several years ago. Contacted them to have it done again and now they say the cap has to be exposed. They dug it up last time, and I don't know exactly where to dig.
  2. Homer J

    Donating a Car

    I have a vehicle that I need to get rid of. It runs, but is not dependable, and I just don’t need it anymore. Does anyone have any experience donating a vehicle to one of the charities that takes them? Which one would you recommend?
  3. Homer J

    I’m confused...

    In the interest of “Social Distancing”, several local businesses have closed one of their two entrances, and force everyone to enter and exit through the remaining entrance. How does this make any sense? I was just in WaWa and people were tripping over each other as some were coming in as...
  4. Homer J

    Atlantic Broadband Service

    Anyone else having issue with ABB lately? Our service is up and down constantly. It will drop out suddenly, be out for 2-3 minutes, and then come back up for awhile. It's up more than it's down, but it makes working from home a chore.
  5. Homer J


    Anyone else having problems getting deliveries from FEDEX? I realize this is a very busy time of year for them but this is ridiculous. I'm waiting on a package that has been on the truck four days in a row for delivery, but has yet to be delivered. The latest tracking info says it went out for...
  6. Homer J

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy 241st Birthday to our United States Marine Corps
  7. Homer J

    I'm a very proud dad. Gotta brag a bit.

    My son. Graduated from Parris Island on Friday.
  8. Homer J

    Trophy Truck Fun

    Looks like a good time to me.
  9. Homer J

    H. R. Giger died.

    Artist who created one of the scariest movie monsters of all time.
  10. Homer J

    Wrestling Greats!

    You think your alergies are bad now, just wait. :bawl:
  11. Homer J

    Found Duck

    Anyone missing a Muscovy duck? This fellow showed up in our driveway Monday sometime. Doesn't seem to be injured because we've seen him fly, but not interested in leaving either.
  12. Homer J

    Happy Bastille Day Everyone!

  13. Homer J

    Wal Mart

    Wirelessly posted Anyone been today? I was in there last night and they had a 'patriotic' display set up in front of the vision center. A two tier table with two American flags laid out as table covers, with various types of merchandise piled on top. I was pretty disgusted at the ignorant...
  14. Homer J

    Fair Winds and Following Seas

    Former Navy leader Adm. Frank Kelso dies in Norfolk | |
  15. Homer J


    Wirelessly posted Went to GMHS graduation at St. Marys College last night. Why is it that some families act so crazy when their kids name is called? Screaming and hooting like they just hit the powerball. I'm all for being proud and supporting your kid but some folks get carried away. Some...
  16. Homer J

    Anyone looking for a new ride?

    You think you hate it now, but wait until you drive it!
  17. Homer J

    Jedi Master

    Which Jedi is the master of the PDF file? Adobe-Wan Kenobi. :drummer:
  18. Homer J

    I'm getting a new job!

    Wirelessly posted Just got this e-mail with a great job offer. What kinda car should I get?
  19. Homer J

    Pat Collins

    Wirelessly posted From NBC 4 in DC. Does anyone else find this guy as annoying as I do? I think he's trying to sound like Paul Harvey but it just doesn't work.
  20. Homer J

    F-35 Progress