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  1. SoMDGirl42

    George Hall HVAC

    It's that time of year again when the weather gets warm and you go to turn on your air conditioner only to realize you have no A/C :tantrum I called George. Not the first time I've called him in the middle of an A/C crisis. First of all, George is a local boy from Avenue. He's one of the...
  2. SoMDGirl42

    Dr. Federle Passing

    Heard from a pretty reliable source that Dr. Federle passed away this weekend. Prayers to his family :flowers:
  3. SoMDGirl42

    I wish my teacher knew..........

    Saw this yesterday. I wish the teachers around here would do this. I think they'd find some very interesting stories. Kyle Schwartz teaches third grade at Doull Elementary in Denver...
  4. SoMDGirl42

    Infant Death in Lexington Park

    On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at approximately 4:15 a.m., deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to a residence on Castaway Circle in Lexington Park, for the report of a 3 month old infant not breathing. CPR was immediately...
  5. SoMDGirl42

    Southern Md Sex Offender DEAD

    Where's the party? :getdown: I have no sympathy for a child molester. UPDATE: Cary Anderson, age 34, of Dameron, died in prison on Monday, August 18, 2014
  6. SoMDGirl42

    Super secret meeting for forum members with kids

    Bring the kids and have a great day. We can let all the old bitchy bitties and crusty old men have their day at the zoo. Not that I'll attend, but I just wanted to call the heathens names. I think it's total bullshiat that they are so against kids, when they raised kids that were probably...
  7. SoMDGirl42

    traffic jam

    Why is traffic backed up coming off the base? 25 minutes and barely moving
  8. SoMDGirl42

    Public Works Contractor

    Help! I can't remember the name of the company who has the contract on Pax at public works who does all the repairs on the support equipment and vehicles. Can someone please tell me who it is? :doh: I think it used to start with World something.......
  9. SoMDGirl42

    Need a good belly laugh?

    Having a discussion at work today about hot sauce. His son eats hot sauce on everything. So much so, that last year they special ordered a gallon of hot sauce for him for Christmas. So I'm telling him about this hot sauce and the reaction my brother had from trying one little dot on a toothpick...
  10. SoMDGirl42

    Bachelor Star Dead at 29

    Gia Allemand Dead -- 'Bachelor' Star Dies at 29 | "Bachelor" star Gia Allemand -- who appeared on Season 14 of the show -- is dead
  11. SoMDGirl42

    Horse Boarding

    Anyone need horse boarding? Stall boarding available in Leonardtown (just past A Moment In Time). Full care $350-400 Self care $175 NO field board. These horses all have stalls Very nice barn. 3 Riding rings (1 lighted) 240-561-5146
  12. SoMDGirl42

    Horse Farm Yard Sale

    I have a friend that is holding a yard sale 17-19 Aug 9-5 or by appointment. This is a horse farm with lots of horse "stuff" for sale including english/western saddles, endurance saddle, Cashell soft saddle, antique side saddle (from $75.00 to $700.00 on the saddles), 1 english bridle, several...
  13. SoMDGirl42

    Hollywood man dies in fire

    The 3:41 am fire originated inside the 1st floor laundry room of the two-story dwelling near where the unconscious victim, David R. Allen, 55 was located by first arriving firefighters. Man Dies in Hollywood House Fire | Southern Maryland News Net Didn't see where anyone posted this yet...
  14. SoMDGirl42


    We all know your hate of cats. $5,000 would go a long ways for me :whistle: Reward Offered in Davidsonville Case of Cat Found Pierced with Arrow | Southern Maryland News Net Reward Offered in Davidsonville Case of Cat Found Pierced with Arrow
  15. SoMDGirl42

    Sugar Scrubs

    Has anyone here tried them? My daughter and I both have very dry skin. It was recommended we try sugar scrubs. So I researched the internet for homemade sugar scubs. We made some yesterday. Let me just tell you, this stuff has really made our skin soft. I didn't think it was possible, but...
  16. SoMDGirl42

    Hall's HVAC

    I did a search last week on HVAC and recommendations. Several folks here recommended Halls. I just want to give my opinion if you ever need service on your HVAC. My A/C wasn't working. :cds: I called on Monday to schedule an appointment with George Hall. The appointment was made for Tuesday...
  17. SoMDGirl42

    Mocking bird

    I have a very loud bird in the tree right outside my bedroom. The problem is this bird NEVER SHUTS UP all night long. :cds: I think it may be a mocking bird, but now I need to know how to get rid of this bird. Anyone ever have this problem and how did you get rid of it? Tree is two stories tall...
  18. SoMDGirl42

    The things people get paid to do

    So my oldest daughter ordered a new couch. There was one small problem when the couch came in. Yesterday, they called to tell her the "parts" for her couch were in. She explained that the couch wasn't broken. They said someone would be at her house today to "install" her new parts for her couch...
  19. SoMDGirl42

    This just cracked me up

    I'm not a very political person, but this one got me. Hope you all enjoy it as well.
  20. SoMDGirl42

    Markers cause "extensive injuries"

    OMG. This is absolutely the dumbest thing I've read in a while. Who never drew on a friend, or had a friend draw on you with marker? This man is being held in jail without bond for "malicious wounding"? This dude needs to move to St. Mary's where violent repeat criminals are released on their...