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  1. acommondisaster

    New rules for gold crows

    Geez....the trophies for participation generation has invaded the Navy. No more 12 years of consecutive good conduct to get the gold.
  2. acommondisaster

    Cute little signs

    I'm in a couple of groups in Facebook for homemaking and decor. People post pictures of their rooms, discuss paint colors, little fixes, seasonal decor, etc. Fun groups, nice people, no drama. Anyway.....anyone here old enough to remember when the internet was young and everyone's website...
  3. acommondisaster

    Can I salute?

    I'm going to go pay respects at the Capitol tomorrow morning (in the wee hours) to President Bush. I was a communicator for him for more than 4 years. I'm retired Navy - I'm just wondering if I can render a hand salute. Anyone know? I know that Bush 45 authorized hand salute to the flag in...
  4. acommondisaster

    Poll - Which will it be?

    You Know who I'm talking about.
  5. acommondisaster

    The futility of walks

    Have any "walks to end homelessness" and "walks to end hunger" ever worked? Apparently not, since they both still exist. So why keep having them?
  6. acommondisaster

    Insulating a crawl space.

    So I was up in Pocono Lakes this past week and realized the tile floor in the bathroom was really cold, despite the baseboard heating being maxed. So it turns out (and I guess I'm the last to know) that it's not insulated in any way. Wandering around Lowes, I came across some foil backed bubble...
  7. acommondisaster

    Help with Christmas Dinner

    We always have a Rib Roast for Christmas dinner. Last night my husband says he wants something different. I need ideas. No duck, no goose, no lasagna. No venison. Any ideas?
  8. acommondisaster

    Wood finish help. HELP!!

    Help! I made a huge mistake of putting one of those fragrance warmers on my sideboard. The grands were playing and managed to knock the warmer and some of the oil spilled out. The oil immediately melted the finish on the sideboard and I've now got a couple of unpainted areas on the top. The...
  9. acommondisaster

    Tiny house

    I don't get it. Why don't people just buy a camper or a trailer?
  10. acommondisaster

    Cleaning wood paneling and decorating help

    Can anyone tell me what they've had good experience with when cleaning wood - especially tongue and groove paneling. I need to thoroughly clean the walls and ceiling and exposed beams in master bedroom in our cabin. The room's been untouched for 10+ years. I'm not really looking for a...
  11. acommondisaster

    Male marking territory

    We've got family staying with us for a few months. We have two male chihuahuas. They've brought along two male dogs - a heeler and a chihuahua. The heeler's no problem, other than my one chihuahua is constantly latched onto his back leg, humping - but the heeler doesn't seem to notice, so it's...
  12. acommondisaster

    Aging beef question

    So if I buy steaks from the supermarket, can I just take them out of the plastic wrapper and age them in the fridge? Do I let them go past the sell by date? Has anyone ever aged beef at home?
  13. acommondisaster

    Another unique snowflake

    Saw this on someone's FB page today....all I could think of was "oh no, one of THOSE kind of parents, who'll raising one of THOSE kind of kids". I wonder if she's ever heard about exposing her child so he can build up immunities. This sucker's going to be that kid with the perpetual...
  14. acommondisaster

    Deep deep shade

    Need some ideas for some outdoor plants for a deep shade area - things I can plant for fall, as well as things I can plant this fall to bloom next spring/summer. This is a woodland setting, lots of ferns, but that's about all. I'd like to add some color. I don't want anything I'm going to...
  15. acommondisaster


    I googled it - but I can't figure out wth a "husbandish" is. I thought it was a typo at first, but in the FB group I'm in, everyone seems to be using it. How is a husbandish different from a "typical" husband?
  16. acommondisaster

    Vintage plates

    Can someone explain to me Vintage plates? How can a 5 year old Subaru SUV have Vintage 1910 auto plates? I know the plates stay with the driver, but really? Don't cars with vintage plates have some special considerations (no emissions tests or something)?
  17. acommondisaster

    killing trees

    So, say someone wanted to slowly get rid of some nuisance trees that stand on an empty lot, but didn't want to chop them down. Say they weren't big huge trees, but maybe some trees that were planted as a personal vendetta against someone who no longer lives in the area. What if the trees are...
  18. acommondisaster

    Retirees: Benefits survey - did you get one?

    I just had an email with a benefits survey from "Military Compensation and Modernization Commission". Has a link provided to prove it's a legit survey. Anyone else get one of these? It does look legit, (and I guess I'm getting it because I registered at MyPay site).
  19. acommondisaster

    Info on wireless outdoor camera

    So I was thinking how much fun it might be to put a wireless camera up at the cabin in PA. Not for any real security concerns, but just to kind of check up on things, if we wanted to (ie, what's the weather, is the house on fire, has a tree crashed into the house from the camera's area of...
  20. acommondisaster

    Parents Affected By Addiction

    Short notice, I know.... PABA, ( Parents Affected By Addiction ) will be meeting on THURSDAY September 18 - 6:30 pm @ Serenity Farms, Benedict, MD 20612 ( charles co., side of benedict bridge ) SIGNS WILL BE POSTED