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  1. lovinmaryland

    Anyone Been to These Restaurants?

    Grew up in the Newburg area so we frequented those places often, not cause they were the best but because they were close. I can tell you as a kid there was no worse feeling than pulling up and seeing the sweet sweet glow of the Captain Johns sign only to have my parents or grandparents turn...
  2. lovinmaryland

    Does anyone

    :lmao: She actually wasn’t flipping me off she was gesturing why are you taking my picture. I’m telling you this chick is a total idiot. The more she argued that she was fine to be there or that I had no idea what she did for a living which also made it ok for her to park there the stupider...
  3. lovinmaryland

    Does anyone

    I thought about it but I’m sure she’d be gone by the time they got there :shrug:
  4. lovinmaryland

    Does anyone

    Know this girl? I noticed her parked in the handicapped spot the other day (she clearly does not have handicapped plates or a tag) so I politely suggested she pick a different spot to park in. Her response was “this isn’t against the law” and she proceeded to argue with me and justify that...
  5. lovinmaryland

    MOD Pizza coming soon !

    We went a couple weeks ago and it was just ok. We gave our order to one gal who was checking off the items on the paper but she wasn’t marking all the items. I kept having to say “you didn’t mark this or that” she then handed the paper to the next person who grabbed the dough and started...
  6. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    Yes he did catch & release it, he never keeps bass... Said it was out for less than 2 minutes. He was alone and the only way he could think of to get a picture that showed it to scale. He said it swam off when he put it back in the water so hopefully it’s ok :shrug: I’ve never understood...
  7. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    Haha I know right it’s a great disguise! Here’s the lure he used He’s actually caught quite a few decent size bass there mostly between 2-4lbs but nothing like this fatty.
  8. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    He finished the afternoon off by catching one of the biggest bass he’s ever caught! :oldman: :faint: :dingding:
  9. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    Then they started to get a little bit bigger
  10. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    DH hit the lake for the first time this “spring” yesterday. Started out with a lot of small guys
  11. lovinmaryland

    North East Coast

    Summer time. Late June early July. Our plan is to leave Wednesday late evening or Thursday morning around 1 am. Do you think we’d need to leave before then?
  12. lovinmaryland

    North East Coast

    Awesome thank you so much for sharing the link! ❤️ It does seem pretty adventurous when I try to plan out the route. Maybe we can just kick it in Maine for a few days and then pop back. All I know is I NEED some fried full belly clams! :yum: So I’m gonna need to figure out the must hit...
  13. lovinmaryland

    North East Coast

    We were going to head up on evening after work...we typically take turns driving while the other I was thinking if we did a straight shot to Maine (Ogunquit) we could spend the day and night there then head down...just where should we head too is the hard part. We’ll be have two full...
  14. lovinmaryland

    North East Coast

    Since moving back east I’ve always wanted to do a long weekend upper east coast trip...I know there would be a lot of driving involved so I wanted to try and work it around a time we’re I didn’t have any of the kids...which is few and far between. Luckily I’ll have be able to have some kid free...
  15. lovinmaryland

    Trial for Mechanicsville Crash Postponed Again

    Trial is supposed to be today. Praying for the Kalnasy Family that it isn’t postponed again
  16. lovinmaryland

    Celebrity Death Pool

    Dolores O'Riordon passed away at 46 :bawl: Loved her voice it was definitely one of a kind!
  17. lovinmaryland

    Oprah for president

    funny but not funny
  18. lovinmaryland


    I'm kinda on the fence over getting one of those. Sounds convenient but all of the recipes I've seen friends make in their instapots everything is very hmmm liquidy. It doesn't look appetizing. They say the food taste great but its just not doing it for my eyes. It does have a different...
  19. lovinmaryland

    Well isn't this just lovely

    If there ever was a case to push us back to being a death penalty case it would be this one. Hopefully he'll get that justice in the prison system.