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  1. vanbells

    Evergreen Elementary School

    Does anyone know where this is? I'm looking for a drop-in volleyball place and the St. Mary's Parks and Rec site says it is located on Wednesday nights at Evergreen Elementary School.
  2. vanbells

    Vote for the MD primary election this week!

    You can vote early instead of waiting for the Primary Election Day on September 14. Frequently Asked Questions Days: September 7-9 Hours: 10am-8pm Locations: Charles County residents Charles County Elections Office 201 E. Charles Street La Plata, MD 20646 Calvert County...
  3. vanbells

    New American Idol judge is announced...

    Ellen DeGeneres Joins American Idol as Fourth Judge - Show and Alumni News - American Idol Ellen...bwahahahahahahaha:killingme
  4. vanbells

    La Plata Starbucks is open...

    ...the stand alone store in front of Outback. :yahoo::dye::diva:
  5. vanbells

    Let's go Skins!!!!!

  6. vanbells

    Silva vs Cote...

    Silva wins due to TKO. It looks like Patrick Cote blew knee or ACL around 39 seconds in the third round. Silva isn't too happy how this fight ended.
  7. vanbells

    Iron Man issues...

    If you have a PS3 and you are stuck looking at his chest piece, you can try a couple of things: -update system software to 2.43 -turn Blu-Ray internet settings to Confirm instead of Allow -disconnect from Internet -or wait for the Blu-Ray live data to download(it only has to download once)
  8. vanbells

    Where to meet a naughty girl

    I read the other thread and it looked like it was not going anywhere. So where can I find someone without catching anything. :smoochy: This thread will be great if someone takes me too serious. :evil:
  9. vanbells

    Dallas vs. Philly...

    I know I am supposed to hate both teams, but is anyone else excited for Monday Night Football?! :jerry::popcorn: Must get my popcorn ready!!!
  10. vanbells

    XXIX Summer Olympic opening ceremony

    :buddies::yahoo::jerry: USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
  11. vanbells

    MySpace SoMD category...

    ...I just notice today there are categories on MySpace. There's a lot of us in there. :howdy:
  12. vanbells

    Here comes a crucial tstorm...

  13. vanbells

    EliteXC on CBS @ 9pm

    Anyone else excited to see Kimbo's 3rd professional fight? Gina Carano :flowers::hot::cartwheel:smoochy:
  14. vanbells

    How could you?

    So I found this online today and it makes me tear up every time I read it. I think it's a good share. -------- When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw...
  15. vanbells

    Looking for a gym in Charles County

    Hey guys, I just wanted to see if anyone here had any input on any gyms from La Plata to Waldorf. I told myself I would get to a gym this year once I got back to a normal work schedule, so here I am. I'm a complete n00b to the gym, so basically I don't know what I am actually looking for. It...
  16. vanbells

    Still no Gran Turismo 5 Prologue...

    poop!!!! Japan is sooo lucky. :dead:
  17. vanbells

    Redskins > Eagles

    McNabb better be in the locker room eating two bowls of chunky soup!!!! :killingme
  18. vanbells

    Saw IV

    Well, this series is getting even more gruesome than it's predecessors. There's not much I can say w/o spoiling anything, but there are still remaining cast members from the previous films. Check this movie out. :yahoo:
  19. vanbells

    Pet emergency!!!

    My dog has fallen asleep on the pillow next to me and she is snoring. I have watched a couple of Dog Whisperer show, but I don't recall any shows with the same problem. What should I do? A. Plug her nose. B. Snore louder than her. C. Draw on her face with a Sharpie. D. Move her to...
  20. vanbells

    Rise of the Silver Surfer

    I'm starting to watch it now. Guys, I'm really excited to watch Jessica Alba in 1080p on a 61" tv screen. :yahoo::drool::popcorn: