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  1. lovinmaryland

    Does anyone

    Know this girl? I noticed her parked in the handicapped spot the other day (she clearly does not have handicapped plates or a tag) so I politely suggested she pick a different spot to park in. Her response was “this isn’t against the law” and she proceeded to argue with me and justify that...
  2. lovinmaryland

    St. Mary’s Lake 4/5/2018

    DH hit the lake for the first time this “spring” yesterday. Started out with a lot of small guys
  3. lovinmaryland

    North East Coast

    Since moving back east I’ve always wanted to do a long weekend upper east coast trip...I know there would be a lot of driving involved so I wanted to try and work it around a time we’re I didn’t have any of the kids...which is few and far between. Luckily I’ll have be able to have some kid free...
  4. lovinmaryland

    Land to hunt deer

    This is probably a dumb question but whatever...How do you go about finding land to hunt on? My son has recently taken an interest in hunting. He passed all the safety courses, got his hunting license, purchased a gun and all the accessories. A family friend has land that they said he...
  5. lovinmaryland

    Beating at Leonardtown High caught on tape

    I shouldn't have watched this at work :frown: Absolutely sickening.
  6. lovinmaryland

    Thanksgiving 2017

    Is everyone getting their menus planned for the big day? Trying any new recipes? My oldest will be in town he's been out to sea w/ the navy for the past several months so the whole family will be getting together (roughly 40-50 people) I'm in charge of the turkeys (I really hope 2 20lb...
  7. lovinmaryland

    Accident this morning St Andrews Church Rd

    I drove by it after they had it mostly cleaned up, one of the vehicles looked terrible. Had no roof or doors left and all the air bags were deployed. Does anyone know what happened? None of the local news sites listed anything about it.
  8. lovinmaryland

    Kitty Hawk / OBX

    Heading there next week for vacation... Any recommendations on great places to eat or things to do would be appreciated :buddies:
  9. lovinmaryland

    Charles Co. Instructional Assistant Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 'Several' Male Students Surprised there isn't a thread about this. Just watched the live news conference super disturbing to think this guy was doing this to young kids at school.
  10. lovinmaryland

    The Beanery Cafe & Bakery

    The owner of Blue Wind Gourmet just opened The Beanery Café & Bakery this week. Stopped in today for lunch everything I had was excellent. Their quiche of the day (The Sotterely) was amazing. I seriously need to try and recreate this at the house! Super yummy! It was roasted tomatoes &...
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    Does anyone know what the rules for people who are the sex offenders list? I would think that if you were on that list you would have to let that be known if you had a job that could possibly put you in contact w/ children??
  12. lovinmaryland

    Tiki Bar Opening 2017

    Anyone plan on hitting the Tiki opening this year? Apparently they will be charging a $10 cover and from a post I've seen on FB drink prices will also increase.
  13. lovinmaryland

    Wedding Cake

    A friend of mine is looking for wedding cake baker recommendations TIA
  14. lovinmaryland


    I voted for couple number 5 :yay:
  15. lovinmaryland

    Philadelphia for a long weekend

    Thinking of heading up to Philadelphia for a long weekend in March. Anyone have any recommendations on things to do (on the more affordable side), places to eat, must see type stuff I'd really appreciate it.
  16. lovinmaryland

    Atlantic City

    Heading up there for a 30th birthday weekend...any good food spots? or stuff to do besides gambling?
  17. lovinmaryland

    McDonalds California MD

    Anyone know whats going on? Drove by to get breakfast its completely blocked off w/ cop cars, ambulances, and stuff
  18. lovinmaryland

    Brussel Sprouts

    Anybody have super awesome recipe that's also simple/not to complex they'd be willing to share? I have a few but trying to switch it up this year for Christmas Eve Dinner
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    Tired of seeing political posts! What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving this year? If you're making a huge feast whats on your menu?
  20. lovinmaryland


    Didn't Hilary come out last night to her election party? Don't candidates typically come out to thank their supporters even when they lose?