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  1. hvp05

    Gold! Haiti eyes potential $20 billion bonanza

    Story. Fantastic! Now they can be independent and other nations, like ours, can hang on to the money that would have been used as foreign aid. But wait... Those might be difficult. What are the chances they will spend it wisely versus blowing it?
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    101-year-old woman scares off thief with stick

    Story. :clap: But wait... What?! Could she possibly have been charged with using excess force, or is she too kind?
  3. hvp05

    Anger, sighs as 9/11 families watch terror hearing

    Story. This is frustrating, but some people's comments are a little too obvious. Watching this on Fox this morning, one mother said something like, "These actions show their contempt for our values." Duh.
  4. hvp05

    Further down the communist yellow brick road...

    Toward a People's Budget: Vermont Adopts New Vision for State Spending and Revenue Policies Once again, the idea is that putting more government over us and guiding us towards being more dependent on said government will make us freer. All of those 'needs' provided for by the government... for...
  5. hvp05

    Wal*Mart employee petitions to have CEO fired

    Meanwhile, union leaders everywhere dance in merriment. If the corporations are evil, the employees are dumbasses, and I don't trust either to be responsible.
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    Is this teacher a sinner?

    Teacher who was fired after fertility treatments sues diocese Why is IVF forbidden? Is it because there are lost or unused eggs and sperm? Seems to me if a loving couple wants their own child that would be considered a good thing.
  7. hvp05

    Could the 2016 Dem. candidate be...

    Owe'Malley??? Going from The O to The Owe. Could he do worse than Obama?
  8. hvp05

    Man poses as dead mother to collect benefits

    Story And he got away with it for several years!
  9. hvp05

    'Traditional family' mural in RI deemed offensive

    High School Teen Liz Bierendy's Mural Of Traditional Family Unit Stirs Trouble At Rhode Island School What kind of mural would have been acceptable? Anything?
  10. hvp05

    Why not make it easy and simply ban ALL words?

    NYC Bans Halloween, Birthdays, Aliens and More on School Tests Students in New York City’s public schools cramming for tests can delete words like birthdays, junk food, Halloween, dinosaur and even dancing from study lists. References to such words have been banned from city-issued tests...
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    Half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030

    British report says... Seems to me, making people more responsible for their behaviors would lessen this problem, while making them more dependent on the government will make it worse. But what the heck do I know? Good thing the Obama health infrastructure will be fully operational by 2030...
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    Oxymoron of the Month!

    Constitutional Progressives Here's a spite-filled little note: Taking America's Charter Back From the Tea Party :coffee:
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    Today's psycho mom thread

    I have to warn you: it's bad. Tennessee woman smothered her newborn twins, police say
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    Canadian emergency services fly into action...

    ... days after a woman was bitten by a bat. Apparently, when in Canada, you need to plan your emergencies ahead of time so the system will be ready for you.
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    Thank goodness...

    ... we can finally have the facts! From the most reliable source, too. :yay: Surely everyone here will join today...
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    Did I hear him say the equivalent of, "We must pass it before we can see what's in it?" :coffee:
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    One of the Forum's most brilliant minds says...

    And you know if he said it it must be correct and true. :whistle:
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    Funny quote

    Today on "Judge Judy", Judy asked a young lady, "Do you go to church?" The woman smiled and answered, "No. I'm a Christian." The whole audience chuckled. Based on that and the other couple questions Judy asked, the girl was obviously a bubblehead, but you would think even she could...
  19. hvp05

    Mag. 4.5 Aftershock

    At 1:08a. Occurred in Mineral, VA; a friend who lives near Quantico said he felt it. Watch out, y'all. The earth could be preparing to split open and breathe fire all across the Mid-Atlantic.
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    Well, it could happen in the same week as the earthquake and the hurricane. :popcorn: