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  1. kom526

    Your terms are acceptable, Neil. I do not listen to Rogan's podcast BUT I'd be willing to bet Joe brings more revenue to Spotify than that pitchy, cat screeching fossil Neil Young.
  2. kom526

    Come on now, really?

    We have to take our senior GSD to an animal ophthalmologist today BUT due to these bullshit made up COVID rules we are not allowed into the building during her exam. Goddamn Eloi sheep people. Sonofabitch. I'm sure that my dog will tell me verbatim what the doc said. :rolleyes:
  3. kom526

    Three branches of Government for a reason.

    Re: DJT's "Remain in Mexico" SloJoe tried to EO this out of existence. A lower court said, "Nah, let it stand all is good." The current occupant appealed, The 5th Circuit said, "Um yeah, no." They were a little more brutal with the wording of the decision.
  4. kom526

    Christmas Decorating

    If you are still decorating and you want/need pine roping, hit up Zimmerman's in Loveville. I picked up a 75 ft roll yesterday and it looks better than the stuff I usually get from BJ's, and cheaper too.
  5. kom526

    Uh oh, break out your Liberal Tears ™ mug.

    BBB = DOA for 2021?
  6. kom526

    Smoke, smoked and smokers

    Have at it kiddos Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18 is the only smoker in my arsenal right now. I've done pork butt, prime rib roast, spatchcock chicken, turkey breast and steaks for reverse searing. Post your recipes, links and pics.
  7. kom526

    A very Fauci Christmas

    " I'm hiring this guy to work the door at my place during Christmas.
  8. kom526

    A very Biden Christmas

  9. kom526

    Pre ordered some beach reading for Vrai!

    An engaging, all-encompassing biography of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the bestselling tradition of Notorious RBG and Pelosi that explores her explosive rise and impact on the future of American culture and politics.
  10. kom526

    Christmas music

    Putting up tree #3 of 4 and listening to some Christmas music. I LOATHE the Chipmunks, I hit the skip button on accuradio and say "Not today Satan, not today." Send your hits and misses for Holiday music.
  11. kom526

    Hey Gilligan, Prchjrkr and any other 7D peeps

    Potomac Gardens has re opened. We just left their soft re opening and I think, to paraphrase Martha Stewart, "it's a good thing. Easy golf cart distance from the house, good beer prices and a great juke box.
  12. kom526

    Zodiac strikes again

  13. kom526

    10 NOV 1775

    Happy Birthday to all of my green brothers and sisters.
  14. kom526

    Liberal tears filling station!

    Post the worst of the left's hot takes here: MSNBC HEADLINE MSNBC / Getty Images STOKING OUTRAGE Glenn Youngkin's victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon JA'HAN JONES
  15. kom526

    Sunny Sunday

    BEE-U-TIFUL day out there today, go enjoy it! I'm smoking half a turkey today as a test run for the holidays and some yard work until I have to run our T&T safe stop this evening.
  16. kom526

    McAuliffe's desperation on display
  17. kom526

    Friday commute

    Geez people, it's only a little rain and some wind. Give yourselves a couple extra minutes this morning, the nervous Nellies are are doing 40 in the left lane riding their brakes.
  18. kom526

    Taking bets

    on cancellations for Friday. Southern Trail has already cancelled their event for Friday evening. McDonough @ Chopticon football was rescheduled to this evening. SMCPS have early dismissal tomorrow soooo....
  19. kom526

    The hero we need