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  1. StadEMS3

    Replacement basement French door

    I am looking to replace a worn out standard size basement french door with one with between glass blinds. I had a contractor come a out and was quoted $6,000 to install a Provia door :oops: Of course I can't find any pricing on line for a Provia Heritage French door 460 72x80 I'm not gonna...
  2. StadEMS3

    Mixing liquid cat meds

    Mixing liquid cat medications My 14yr old cat is back from a vet stay and is on 3 liquid meds- can I just draw the dosages and put them into one syringe for a one time shot vs holding him down for 3 separate doses? Amoxi-drops .5ml (1x 12hrs) Ursodiol- .3ml (1x 12hrs) Metronidaz- .5ml (1x...
  3. StadEMS3

    Parents and kids today

    I have friends from out of state visiting with kids. The mother works at a high school where her 2 daughters also attend (ages 15 & 17). The daughters address the mother by her first name in the school environment; I guess to avoid problems with other kids? Yesterday the 3 were baking in my...
  4. StadEMS3

    Child/bike licence plates

    Got the kid a power wheels and I'm looking for those MD novelty kids license plates. I know I've seen them somewhere but can't remember where. I have tried Apple Basket, Charlotte Hall Tide Water and Keepin' It Local in Morganza. I'm in Mechanicsville, not looking to too far at least St. Mary's...
  5. StadEMS3

    The neighbors kid

    My house used to be completely isolated by the trees/brush in the old railroad path. Now that the rail trail is being put in, all the trees were cleared and I see all my neighbors for the first time. One of the neighbors, a single mom, has a specials needs 14yr old kid that rides his lawn...
  6. StadEMS3

    MD learners permit process

    So my brother tries to get his stepson (one of them will never leave the nest 20yr olds) a MD learners permit. They go to MVA with his birth certificate, military dependent ID and a cell phone bill in his name at their current Waldorf address. Not good enough, last name is different, they want a...
  7. StadEMS3

    Blue Crabs baseball 1000 hermit crab giveaway

    What's your take on the Blue Crabs giving away 1000 hermit crabs on opening day? I think it's a bad idea all around. Most of these animals will end up dead in no time. From what I seen on the news last night the Blue Crabs are not not backing down. I love all animals and hate to see any suffer...
  8. StadEMS3

    Anyone else's power been going out?

    This is the 3rd or 4th time my power has gone out today and came right back on. I'm not resetting my clocks any more until tomorrow! I'm on Baptist Church Road, Mechanicsville close to 5/235 split area.
  9. StadEMS3

    Garage door torsion spring broke last night

    Where can I get a new spring to replace it myself? The only place I knew of that had parts for the DIY guy was Parker Door in Waldorf but thier sales office is closed due to no one to man it. I did not see torsion springs at Lowes or Home Depot. I live in Mechanicsville and travel from DC so I...
  10. StadEMS3

    Judge Jeanine on Syria

    It's 11 minutes long but worth it. Love it!! T4WQ4o9qdJg She'll probably end up accidently slipping in her tub soon...:whistle: Obama torn to shreds by Fox News over Syria. Seriously A Must Watch - YouTube
  11. StadEMS3

    The Red Rocker playing post Nats game show

    Sammy Hagar will be the post game show against the Marlins on Aug 29th. I'm there with first base line dugout seats! :larry::dude::buddies: \m/
  12. StadEMS3

    Cat & dog get along advice needed

    I am exhausted! My brother asked if I could watch his mini dachshund while they drive/move out here from WA state. He flew the dog, Scooter, out to me last month. I got stuck with the ex’s cat who is not a fan of dogs at all. Scooter is cat friendly. I have the cat on the bedroom side of the...
  13. StadEMS3

    Pit on 295

    There was a young brindle pit laying in the fastlane shoulder of 295NB at Suitland Pkwy. He was deceased with no obvious injuries and no collar. Of course I get stuck traffic right next to him and start to well up thinking how did he even get this far on the highway with jersey barriers on both...
  14. StadEMS3

    Daughtry, 3 Doors Down and Halestorm

    Anyone else going? Just got my tickets! :larry::drummer::singer::dude:
  15. StadEMS3

    Ford car show at Solomons VFD this weekend

    Take a break from your yard work and check us out. Last show in the fall had over 100 Fords!
  16. StadEMS3

    6th DWI

    Soon to be back on the streets near you with our revolving door court system! :whistle: Sixth DWI for Lexington Park Man | Southern Maryland News Net
  17. StadEMS3

    Be careful on Facebook

    My checking account had 2 unauthorized $100 Paypal transfers to Starbucks! I think it happened when I wished people Happy Birthday on Jan 25th. (notice a Starbucks link under birthday comment when you click on thier name) I researched and found scams/fraud with FB, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and...
  18. StadEMS3

    Game day!!

    Who's going to SUPER BOWL XLVII??? :buddies: :yahoo:
  19. StadEMS3

    How to fix trucks in SoMD

    Took this pic while pumping gas at Byantown Shell. Notice cinder block, passenger wheel off and tines on the forklift...hahaha! good stuff!
  20. StadEMS3

    Final OPM-

    GET BACK TO WORK!!! :buddies: Applies to: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are OPEN and employees have the OPTION for UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK. U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Washington, DC area Operating Status : OPEN WITH...