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    Virginia Politics Humor

  2. blacklabman

    What is 3rd degree murder?

    In the case of the Floyd trial. I think I know what 1st and 2nd degree murder is, but not 3rd.
  3. blacklabman

    Jeopardy Contestants

    Since the new season started, all the contestants are from the greater LA area. Must not want contestants traveling. However, I have noticed the quality is not up to the usual standards. And I was looking forward to participating.
  4. blacklabman

    Who quoted this?

    "When you kill enough of them they will stop coming." I think it was a military person regarding Muslims.
  5. blacklabman

    Another Hallmark Moment

    Tomorrow is Grandparents Day. This is just another chance for Juan Williams to show off his family. He also did it on Labor Day weekend. Frankly, who cares about his family?
  6. blacklabman

    Solar Power Installation

    My system went on line Friday. Predicted to provide all power requirements with exception during July and August due to A/C. System is stated to provide 6,400 watts. I can monitor power generated via internet.
  7. blacklabman

    Parent's Day?

    My calendar shows this as Parent's Day. Let's see, we have mothers day, fathers day, and grandparents day, What is this, just another Hallmark moment?
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    Stupid Move on Jeopardy Last Night

    Going into Final Jeopardy: Reigning Champ: About $22K Second place (the blonde): About $8K Last place: About $2K All three missed answer. Last place bets $1900 and ends up with $100. Blonde bets everything. Winds up with zero. Reigning champ bets <$1000. There was no way blonde could beat...
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    That time of the year

    Hooray, hooray, the first of May, outdoor screwing starts todat!
  10. blacklabman

    Jeopardy Last Night

    What a pathetic threesome. The current champion and one of the challengers wound up with 0$ after Final. The challenger that won totaled out at around 3K$ She missed the answer like the other two. I knew the answer for Final Jeopardy.
  11. blacklabman

    Who eats half a cookie?

    Got some chocolate brownie cookies at Walmart. They are delicious! Checked the nutrition label and the recommended serving is 1/2 cookie for 150 calories.
  12. blacklabman

    Judge Judy

    Now that I am retired I have occasion to watch her. What, if any, is an incentive or requirement for the defendant to appear.
  13. blacklabman

    Army/Navy Game

    It's nice to see football players without hair draping their shoulders.
  14. blacklabman

    Today is flag day.

    Display with pride.
  15. blacklabman

    Please no sinko de mayo jokes

    That is all!
  16. blacklabman

    Memories from Boy Scout camp

    Had a Vienna Sausage sandwich today. Between White bread and American cheese. Maybe I'll try sardines again.
  17. blacklabman

    Golden Globes

    What's it about and who really cares?
  18. blacklabman

    Mariah Carey

    Why would anybody pay to attend a concert where the star lip-syncs (poorly at that). By god, this country is inhibited by idiots. Why would
  19. blacklabman

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    I guess pit-bulls down like sweaters.