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  1. BS Gal

    Hollywood Yoga

    Don't know if this is the right forum to post this in, but whatever.. Has anyone been to the Hollywood Yoga place? I saw it when I was driving down 235 and wondered it if was open and if anyone had been there? Do they have classes for the elderly? Anyone have the phone number?
  2. BS Gal

    Well, Poof

    Where did our Mulva go?
  3. BS Gal

    Channel 22 (PBS)

    Has old Ed Sullivan take-outs on it. Beatles, Beach Boys - kind of brings back a lot of memories. My parents took me to an Ed Sullivan show when I was 3 or 4 and I still remember it, or parts of it.
  4. BS Gal


    Fool Lion had Heinz on sale, the BIG-ARSE ONE! Buy one, get one free! Sale started today so you have six more days!
  5. BS Gal

    The Bachelor

    Okay, I admit I started watching this show and like it. I cannot STAND that blonde (Vienna?) that is there. What a manipulator. I don't think he likes her much.
  6. BS Gal

    Happy Birthday

    Pooh and Jabbajawz!
  7. BS Gal

    American Idol

    Someone splain to me, please. I thought Ellen was going to be on this, Simon was quitting and Paula, well ?????? So, I'm not sure what I'm seeing. Anyone know what the plans are? Not that I care. I thought this was the first week, but maybe I'm just :confused: ?
  8. BS Gal

    new liquor tax

    First I have heard of it, but Maryland lawmakers are pondering a ten cent per drink tax on cocktails, I guess in bars? I wonder how that will work?
  9. BS Gal

    The Bachelor

    Can I just say this is sorry for these women? I mean, really. They have to do this to get a man? I"m sorry, but it makes me almost sick. I'm watching it though, cause I wanna see how desperate they really are. Most of the gals are pretty, I think, so I just don't get it. :shrug:
  10. BS Gal


    The little things in life that make me happy include hearing the rain against the windows. I love listening to the rain. I have a window open in the bedroom so I can hear it better. Extra blankets on the bed so I don't freeze, but I love listening to it. That's all.
  11. BS Gal


    I'm not on it, but I keep getting peer pressure to get on it. So, do I just go to google and type in "facebook" and set up an account? Any stuff I should be aware of or not post (other than the obvious stuff)? Anyone that can give me any advice, I'd appreciate it. Also, I am a tard as...
  12. BS Gal


    please clean out your PM box. I responded to you, but it says your "box is full." Not sorry if that is good or bad. xoxoxox BS Gal
  13. BS Gal

    Gas Leak - San Souci

    PSA - There is a gas leak or supposed gas leak by the bridal store in San Souci. Don't know how soon the FD and all will clear out of there.
  14. BS Gal

    Horseback Riding

    Is there a place around here (St. Mary's County) to pay to go rent a horse and ride for a few hours? I'd ask the horsie forums, but I've banned myself from there. TIA
  15. BS Gal

    Scanner, St. Mary's

    Anyone know what is going on? There is some activity somewhere, maybe on Route 5, that big condo complex down there? I can just hear a bunch of chatter about someone may be in the woods, or not, folks that are wanted, etc. ? Anyone been paying attention? I caught it late and am doing some...
  16. BS Gal

    Zip line?

    Anyone ever do one somewhere close to here, say, three hours or less?
  17. BS Gal

    Listening to the rain

    hitting the windows, opening the windows and smelling the fresh air, is so calming to me. Anyone elst?
  18. BS Gal

    Recipe Box

    How pissed would you be if your hubby went through "your" recipe box and threw away recipes he "thought" you never used, but actually, you do use once in a while? Would you clean out his garage of tools that he barely uses? Sorry, DR, just need an opinion..........
  19. BS Gal


    :huggy: Thanks for being you and making me laugh out loud, several times!!!!!!!!!:love::love:
  20. BS Gal

    T-Bone and Heather

    Are they gone for good or on vacation? Anyone know? I haven't heard them on the radio for well over a week, I think. :shrug: