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  1. Concern4Calvert

    Favorite Thing About The Past

    What's something you miss about the past? Anything at it here. I want to learn about the good ole' days. This thread has the potential to be really interesting.. i miss having a pager (don't laugh). Between social medial ,texting, calling, etc I feel too accessible compared to the...
  2. Concern4Calvert

    Thermostat Setting?

    What do you keep the air set at? 78 right now
  3. Concern4Calvert

    Cove Point Project Photos?

    Anyone have photos of what they're doing or know where they can be found? I've been looking all over the web and there really isn't much available. I know many disagree, but I find the project interesting...just wish I could find more material about it.
  4. Concern4Calvert

    Equipment @ Calvert Side of Solomons Bridge

    Has anyone else noticed the large, white, cylindrical tank located at the base of the Solomon's Bridge? It says "Air Products" and is probably a good 60+ feet long. I've noticed that it is guarded by security 24/7 , and I can't figure out what it is. Here is a mediocre photo I snapped today...
  5. Concern4Calvert

    Winter Blues

    Anyone else find themselves a little more "down" in the fall/winter months? I didn't believe Seasonal Affective Disorder was a thing until recently. :belvak: If so, what do you do to help yourself feel better...
  6. Concern4Calvert

    Maryland Judiciary Case Search

    So... my son got his first speeding ticket. 72MPH in a 55 on Route 4. :jameo: Whatever. I go on the internet to get the citation number for the ticket so I can mail a check to the clerk and note the citation number on the memo of the check ... and BAM a ton of personal information is on...
  7. Concern4Calvert

    LimeWire, Kazaa, WinMX, BearShare

    Just a few clicks and the world's largest collection of music was at your fingertips. Anyone else remember these apps? Those were the days! Sorry, YouTube just doesn't do it for me :jameo:
  8. Concern4Calvert

    The Opiate Pandemic

    At what point did prescription painkillers, opiates/heroine , etc become a pandemic in Calvert County? My family and I moved here in 1994 under the idea that Calvert was a "quiet escape" from the crime that encompasses the surrounding areas. My how times have changed. It just seems like...