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  1. BrassieChic

    In Need Of Alot of Prayers and Healing

    Thank you to everyone who understands my loss and have had such kind words and prayers. Please don't misunderstand me. I would never compare a sick child or a loss of a child to the loss of an animal. I've been on both ends of this...or I should say my parents have. I lost a sister when I...
  2. BrassieChic

    In Need Of Alot of Prayers and Healing

    Thank you for all your prayers and kind words. I don't know who or where the tow truck was from. We have no idea how he got out...none of the fences were down or cracked and the gates were securely latched as with everyday and everynight. Thanks again for the people in here who have kind...
  3. BrassieChic

    In Need Of Alot of Prayers and Healing

    Good Morning All! My family suffered a tragic loss this past week and am in need of all the prayers you can send. Our horse that we've had for 8 years somehow got out of the field around 2 a.m. Monday the 22nd and was struck and killed right in front of our home by a tow truck. I know alot...
  4. BrassieChic

    Tow Truck Hit a horse

    Thank you everyone for such support in our time of grief. For those of you who knew JW he was a real character and we will miss him greatly!!!
  5. BrassieChic

    Tow Truck Hit a horse

    C & I are both completely heartbroken. JW got out somehow last night and around 3 a.m. there was a pounding at the door. It was a police officer asking if we had a horse. Of course we said and he asked if we would come across the street. We started running across the street where there were...
  6. BrassieChic

    Bike crash in Mechanicsville

    Hey what answer do you have??? It's NOT Jaybeeztoo that was in the accident...I'm on the phone talking with her right now and she's heading up to Shock Trauma to see her friend that was involved....Thank GOD it's wasn't her!!! Anyway, anyone know anything more???
  7. BrassieChic

    Bad Horse @ 911 Sat.

    Bad Horse will be rockin' Club 911 this Sat., April 14th. They'll start jammin' around 9 p.m.! :larry:
  8. BrassieChic

    Jimmies Chicken Shack

    They Rock!
  9. BrassieChic

    Know anyone selling a nice pony

    Triple Creek Farm has some! :howdy:
  10. BrassieChic

    Triplec Creek Farm

    Great People! :howdy:
  11. BrassieChic

    Cryers Back Road Inn

    WOW Great Train Robbery used to be a really awesome band back in the day. Actually, I thought they had split but guess not. Did they play in the large room?
  12. BrassieChic

    Cryers Back Road Inn

    Dang I hate when I get called out! :razz:
  13. BrassieChic

    NEPTUNE'S TONIGHT (March 9 @ 0930)

    Darn that's a shame!
  14. BrassieChic

    True or False!!!

    True. The next person will be cracking open their bible today.
  15. BrassieChic

    Cryers Back Road Inn

    Nanny nanny boo boo! :razz:
  16. BrassieChic

    NEPTUNE'S TONIGHT (March 9 @ 0930)

    Does anyone have the phone # to Neptunes. I've called both numbers I was given and it says they are both disconnected?!* Thanks in advance.
  17. BrassieChic

    Cryers Back Road Inn

    The band Bad Horse is playing this Friday night the 30th at Back Road. It's gonna be a good show. They've added some new songs and are ready to :larry:
  18. BrassieChic

    Gwen Stephani

    SO you're saying you don't like the shorty short bangs. I love all her hairstyles, she's always on the cutting edge. :larry:
  19. BrassieChic

    At what age ...

    I hate watching the news but my 16 y/o son watches the 5 o'clock news everyday and updates me.