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  1. snowygirl

    So who had trick or treaters?

    There were a bunch of kids in my neighborhood. It lasted until about 8:30 or so.Before it even got dark a couple of kids rang my doorbell even though I had the light off.
  2. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Yep I found it. Getting the part and having my son take care of it.
  3. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Thank you
  4. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Tried that didn’t work. But thank you for the idea. :)
  5. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Yep. It broke with a piece of the ice maker still on it so that’s why I can’t just replace the arm. It’s like the corner of the ice maker closes to the back of the freezer.
  6. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Looks like I’ll have to do that.
  7. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    I feel stupid saying this but the arm in the ice machine broke and it has to be replaced. I called Amana and they said they would give me the parts I needed but I had to get a fridge repair person to diagnose it. The arm broke that controls the ice flow so now it’s making ice like crazy and I...
  8. snowygirl

    Refrigerator repairman

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can please recommend a good fridge repair person that’s not too expensive. Thank you I know it’s stupid what I need help with but my husband used to take care of all this stuff and since he’s not here any longer I’m trying to learn how to do it. Thanks for the...
  9. snowygirl

    Onion dip

    This might sound weird but some gas station convenient stores have the single serve onion dips. At least the shell up here in somd does. Just an idea
  10. snowygirl

    Woman vanishes on cross country trip

    More to the story sorry if this has been posted
  11. snowygirl

    Racist Rock on college campus
  12. snowygirl


    Check your PM please
  13. snowygirl

    Harry Nice Bridge

    Great thank you
  14. snowygirl

    Harry Nice Bridge

    Anyone know the busy times for the bridge? I looked it up online but couldn’t find anything. Specifically on a Tuesday mid morning? Thanks
  15. snowygirl

    Tornado WARNING

    Channel 9 had someone in Solomons and I think there was someone in St Marys.
  16. snowygirl

    Tornado watch until 11 tonight

    Just two tornado warnings and some flooding no big deal
  17. snowygirl

    Practice flights

    So which base are the military planes flying out of tonight ? Sounds wonderful.
  18. snowygirl

    Calvert Fairgrounds

    It’s been going on for years. Except for last year of course. It’s been getting bigger every year it seems. If I remember correctly it goes from April until October or thereabouts depending on the weather.